Pei-Fang Hsieh, C7, To Harry Potter-The Boy Who Lived! (With Claire Liu’s Evaluation)

To Harry Potter-The Boy Who Lived!
OK, let’s do a survey, have you ever heard of Harry Potter before? Please raise your hand. Thank you. And who never heard of Harry Potter? Wonderful! For those who haven’t, I am glad to tell you what’s Harry Potter in short sentences.
(1) Harry Potter is a young wizard who had a lightning scar on his forehead became an orphan since he was an infant, because his parents were murdered by the dark lord Voldemort, after that he was brought up by his aunt’s family who often abused and isolated him.

(2) When he entered the wizard world, he found that he was very famous because he was the only one surviving from the dark lord Voldemort’s Killing Curse.

(3) He fought with the dark lord Voldemort, and had the support from the professors and friends of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; at last he won the fight, making the wizard world become peaceful again. Wow, is that clear?
I’ll divide this speech into three parts.

(1) At first, why does Harry need grief to help him become a hero?

(2) Part two, how does love make Harry differ from the dark lord Voldemort?

(3) The final part, I’ll discuss death and rebirth.
Part one
So, why does Harry need grief to help him become a hero?

According to a psychologist that Harry has good ability to resilience to adversity. It means that Harry has the ability to recover quickly from illness, change, or misfortune.

The psychologist is unwilling to say that Harry’s aunt’s family is good for his growth. But she cannot deny that Harry was fortunate because he was raised up as an ordinary boy. So we need to appreciate Harry’s aunt’s family because they abused, isolated and neglected Harry. In fact, the experiences he had during his childhood in the family helped shape his excellent humanity.

Harry was very famous in wizard world. If Harry was brought up in the magical community where the people all adore and love him, he would not meet adversity and would not build the ability to handle dark lord Voldemort. Maybe he would become a celebrity who gets lost in the spotlight
Part two
Next, how does love make Harry differ from the dark lord Voldemort.
Harry’s mother had sacrificed herself to protect Harry when he was an infant. Her love makes strong power to protect Harry even after she was dead. Harry’s professor Dumbledore said many times that love is “the only protection that can possibly work against Voldemort.” Voldemort never understood why he cannot destroy Harry. He never paused to understand the incomparable power of a soul that is untarnished and whole. Love makes Harry defeat those evil forces.
Part three
Final part, death and rebirth.
Voldemort always thought that he must kill Harry because Harry was the only survivor got away from his Killing Curse. Killing Harry can “prove that his power is without challenge, without limit, and without equal.”

Voldemort thought that protecting the lives of others is a weakness and flaw. Harry didn’t fear death like Voldemort. At the final part of Harry Potter stories, Harry found that unless he died, he can never destroy Voldemort. Having this realization, Harry chose to die. However, it turns out not to be death, but rebirth. Finally, Voldemort died. Harry overcame the death.
4 (ending)
Before the end of this speech, please imagine that you’re holding a glass of wine. Please hold up your glasses and say in hushed voice: “To Harry Potter-the boy who lived.”

Toastmasters of the Evening

—————- Wonderful Evaluation by Claire Liu —————-




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