Bright Chan, C3, The Art of Talking Aloud, 20140418 (With Kevin Tseng’s Evaluation)

Bright Chan, C3, The art of talking aloud, 20140418

Let’s turn back into the past, about eight years ago, a teenage boy was so happy to welcome his college life. Unfortunately, his fingers were infected by bacteria and therefore he missed the welcome party for the freshmen. By the time he recovered and went to school, no one knew him and he felt like himself a weird existence of the class. Even worse, he was too shy to be the ice-breaker. Needless to say , the people he knew were limited to his roommates and the experimental partners by the end of the first semester.

Such a miserable story! Right? You might wonder how come I “create” that story. As a matter of fact, it is not created. Rather, I starred the story. I used to be an extremely shy person when communicating with people. Whenever I meet new friends, the routine questions are: ”What’s your name? Where are you from? And what do you major in?” And my responses to the questions always are “Oh, I see. Oh, that’s great.” That’s all. Those are all the words or sentences I can squeeze out of my mouth. And then I eventually faded out in voice and in person. That situation was improved until I joined the chemistry camp which is held for the senior high school students. I served in the position of 生輔. To ease the anxiety and nervousness of the little kids, I was trained to be self-confident and be the man who always started the conversation. Just like their friends and mentors, I led the little monsters to play the game, talked about their interesting school life and shared everything they happened in the camp. That changed me. It was the first time that I felt I can express myself without any obstacle. And I really enjoy the feeling, the feeling that mutually shares the innermost emotions!

The second turning point happened in my third year of college life. At that time, I passed the high school program and took many relevant courses. The high school program aims to cultivate the students to be the qualified high school teachers. Different from the custom of the science field, the courses of the program have many designed presentations. It was a nightmare for me! Although I was no longer a shy person anymore, it was a totally different story between daily conversations and presentations. I still remember my first presentation in front of the class. My face blushed, My hands shivered, and I forgot everything. Stage fright killed me! I was so disappointed about my performance when I was down stage. Nevertheless, I did not give up. I tried to conquer stage fright by asking my friends for the tips and rehearsing it over and over again since then.

“Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work”, a very inspiring sentence said by Albert Einstein. Now I am on my new way to genius… ah, ”success” at least. When I come to Taipei for work, due to the strong desire to improve my oral English, I joined NTU toastmasters. I would say, this place broadens my horizons not only for the high quality of English presentations but for the deep meaning inside every story. For a person whose mother tongue is Chinese like me, it’s even harder to speak English in public. However, I am not afraid. I am here trying to make mistakes. And I am certain that mistakes make success. I am hoping that in a very near future, I can control the stage fright perfectly and talk aloud confidently in front of my audience.

—————- Individual Evaluation by Kevin Tseng —————-




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