Sherry Wu, C1, My Wonderful Dream in Thailand

How many of you have the experience of staying abroad for more than two months? For me, I was so lucky to get this chance last summer vacation. It was an internship program provided by our department and Thailand National Science Park. The science park is just like the sinica(中研院) , the research center in Taiwan. The goal of my project was to extract some proteins from fungi. I think this part is too professional in the biology field, so I will just skip it later. Instead, I want to share to you my daily life in Thailand as well as what I learned and how I grew during this long journey.
Let me start from this picture. People here came from different countries such as Hong Kong, England, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam, and Philippine. There were five students who came from Taiwan, including four boys and me. Because of our different genders, the four of them lived together and I lived by my own. Besides, they knew each other but I didn’t know them before, so I just felt that I was ruled out from their four-boy world. I need to mention that I was such a dependent girl. So in the first week, I felt so lonely that I almost cried at night every day. Although I’m some kind of emotional, I’m very proud of my other personality, the ability to recover quickly. After a few weeks, I made up my mind that I shouldn’t just negatively let the time pass by. Therefore, I started to live my own meaningful?! life.
From now on, I’ll share with you some interesting parts of my internship life in
Thailand. Most of you are probably familiar with Ronald Mcdonald. But the gesture like this is special in Thailand, meaning “Sa wa di ka”. With this, I want to tell you some mistake most people make recently. “Sa wa di ka” means “Hello” and the word “ka” is just like “Please” in English. However, this sentence can just be said by women. For men, you need to add ”krab” in the end (back) of the sentences to show your politeness, like “Sa wa di krab”. I’m sure that you won’t make the same mistake next time.
And the picture showed here was taken from one island named “Kao Larn”. The scenery was so beautiful there. I almost spent the whole afternoon just sitting on the beach watching the sea silently. It was like the water can make you get rid of all the annoying things. Next, e true calmness would come to your mind.
Another of my precious memory was the trip to “Bankozao” with my lab colleagues. It’s at the center of Bangkok. When I arrived there, I was so amazed. Most of the places in Bangkok were just the big city in other country. But right in this center part, the residents there still lived an original life. Many of them lived in tree houses, cultured food themselves. In this picture, we were in the homestay house. The owner there taught us to make Thai traditional snacks showed here.
The right picture tells that In the morning, they had to get up early and gave food to the monks. Besides, during the time we stayed there, we almost did everything by our own hands. It was quite a special experience for me, who has lived in the city for most of the time.
During this two and a half month-journey, I learned how to make everything in good order in my daily life. For example, I know how to wash the clothes with my own hands, make meals myself, and keep accounts under a limited budget. I also learned how to express what I want with simple Thai words and gestures. By this , I made some good friends when i stayed there although sometime we can’t communicate with each other fluently. But I just want to say “Smile is the best language!”
It was really like a long and beautiful dream. Everything went back to the same place after I returned to Taiwan. But the different thing is I became more mature and independent. The summer vacation of 2013 was so meaningful because of all the people I met and all the memory I experience.


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