Sahomi Nishimoto, C1, What Makes Me Who I Am Today

What makes me who I am today
Sahomi Nishimoto 西本 紗保美 台大工管系 交換學生

Hello everyone, my name is Shabaomei in Chinese! And my Japanese name is… oh it looks so delicious, Sashimi!! and I am SAHOMI!!!

Imagine when you meet a foreigner, what comes up to your mind?

When I say “I’m from Japan, Hokkaido,” my Taiwanese friends smile to me and say,
“Oh I love to watch 進撃の巨人、半沢直樹!”
Or “ Do you eat crabs every day?”

You can understand if you imagine me saying
“Do you like to eat delicious 小龍包 every day, right??”

In today’ speech, I’m going to talk about what makes me who I am today.

[Body 1]
I believe it is good a choice to talk about my favorite sport Kendo, which I trained it for more than 10 years, and it has played very important role in developing who I am today.

When I was a little child, my teacher said “Kendo is the way for developing a strong mind”.

In kendo, it is also very important to be polite. We have a lot of rules formed to respect each other.

For example,
I learned it is not allowed to grab bamboo sword like that, when you pick it up, you have to do in this way. (I will show the movement, 1,2,3!!)
The bamboo sword is the most important thing after your life because it is for protecting yourself, so you have to be respectful.

What’s more, if you’ve just finally won the very tight match, you should express your excited feeling to the audience supporting you.

But, if you are too excited and strike a victory pose like this… then you would be disqualified, because this is a very rude behavior to the opponent.

These rules or manners might be strange, but it helped me learn about the importance of being polite, modest, and sincere.

[Body 2]
During my university life I found that being polite is one virtue, and it is also important to be outgoing.

I had this idea when I started to learn Chinese as a freshman at Hokkaido University.

As you know, Japanese has complicated rules of polite expression for speaking with elders.
So even though I am a native speaker of Japanese, it takes an effort to speak in a perfect polite way.

On the contrast, I learned to be friendly and outgoing when I speak Chinese, so I won’t worry about making mistakes, just try to speak it without hesitation.

Finally, I enjoy speaking Chinese now! I found a new self through this experience..

I learned polite, sincere, modest attitudes from kendo, and I found out that outgoing, friendly, and positive attitudes bring me a lot of new things, friends, and new experiences.
These are what make me who I am today

So now I strongly hope to build up my confidence in speaking English too, and I believe Toastmasters is a very good place to make my wish come true.

Because we have many excellent speakers, kind and reliable mentors, we can listen to fantastic, touching, intelligent, and interesting speech every week!

By the way, do you remember my name?? I’m Sahomi!

Toastmasters of the evening.



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