20140314, Wendy Yu, The Truth about Beauty, C2

~ The Truth about Beauty ~

Many people pursue beauty because they think it can bring confidence and pride. Men want to be handsome and women want to be beautiful. As a result, many people put on make-ups and take cosmetic surgeries at any cost. When I realized that there are so many people craving for good looks and perfect figure, I was confused. I wondered what the motivation is that drives people to spend so much money and time to fulfill the desire.

You may feel strange about my question. People do their best to have the good look to be popular. After all pursuing beauty is true to human nature. However, if people knew the truth about beauty, for example, like I do, they may not still insist on pursuing the fake beauty with ignorance.

Every day we use so many cosmetic products such as lipsticks, whitening goods, lotion……etc. To many people, cosmetic products are just like magic that can turn the ugly duckling into a dazzling swan. But how many of you know that the toxic chemical substances are actually doing great harm to our body and the environment? And the fact is, there actually is no strict restriction on the ingredients that can be used in products, so the cosmetic companies are only held responsible for the safety of their own products ethically but not legally.

Driven by profit rather than the concern for human health, the products are often filled with synthetic and hazardous chemicals. Benzoyl peroxide, DEA, etc. All of these ingredients millions of people using every day can lead to cancer.

Besides human being harmed by these poisonous products, some cute animals can’t escape from these horrible materials, either. Before the products hit the market, the cosmetic industries conduct animal tests. They usually use adorable rabbits as their experimental subjects. Which organs do the businessmen choose as their ideal place to test their products? The answer is their sensitive eyes! Without a doubt, this kind of acute toxicity test causes these conscious and restrained animals’ eyes swell and go blind.

What’s more unfortunately, the data from the draize eye irritancy test in rabbits is not suitable for human. Because the cornea of the rabbit eye differs significantly from that of human and rabbits also produce a smaller volume of tears than human, which allows chemicals placed in rabbit eyes to linger longer. Therefore, many rabbits suffer from this cruel and useless test owing to our ignorance.

In conclusion, the cosmetic industries achieve their goal to make a big profit without considering consumers’ welfare and animals’ rights. They are crazy for their profit and the promotion of the brand, so they choose to be blind when it comes to health and justice. Worst of all, they want their brand to become popular, so they usually spend millions of dollars advertising. After being influenced by the advertisements, consumers usually buy the cosmetics just due to their brand instead of the ingredients. Gradually, the toxic chemicals invade and destroy our lives and so many animals died painfully in the cruel experiment.

If we keep using these cosmetic products, we would get cancer eventually. However, we still have the chance to fight against this negative trend. Before we buy the products, we should be alert to the ingredient listed on the box. In addition, in order to save the poor animals from the cruel experiments, we can buy goods with bunny logo which means that the products wasn’t applied on lab rabbits. For the sake of human health and animals rights, we should be careful when buying products. Toastmaster of the evening.




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