20140307, Minnie Lin, (Ready to Be) (With Evaluation by Ivan Sit)

Ready to be…

Minnie Lin

Surprise! Well, that wasn’t really a surprise; I do know I’m delivering a speech.
How many of you here like surprise? Raise your hands if you like surprises. And how many of you don’t like surprise. Raise your hands if you don’t like surprises. That I understand, I understand both of you.

For the first group, I think you probably like this kind of surprise. When a couple get together, and the guy finally gets down to his knee and pulls out a little box, with something you know exactly what’s inside and says “Would you marry me?” Just imagine the girl here, totally unexpected. Oh my goodness, that ring is huge! Yes, baby, YES! That’s the kind of surprise you guys will like.

Here’s another kind of surprise. A secret reunion. I was an exchange student before. Just this past winter break, I went back to my host family and gave them a huge surprise by not telling the kids I was going back. So my mom picked me up at the airport, we drove home and waited for the kids to come back from swim practice. Finally, here they were. They walked in the whining, “Hey, mom, the practice was hard, we’re tired, what’s for lunch?” Then they saw me. All the sudden they were confused and excited at the same time, and finally realize it was really I. We hugged and cried and screamed, bowling our eyes out. That’s the surprise that actually makes you cry.

There are some other surprises that don’t make you happy. The loved ones died. Paul Walker, one of the actors from Fast and Furious. I couldn’t believe he died! Sometimes, life is just like that, it disappears without noticing you beforehand.

The other surprise that will make you disappointed is that… After a week of strict diet and doing work out regularly, you finally pluck up to courage to stand on to the scale. You were scare, afraid to look. Then you realize…you lost absolutely nothing.

Today, I’m going to talk about a different kind of surprise. A spectacular spiritual surprise. Like I said before, I went the United States as an exchange. At that time, I was determined to be an atheist. While I was staying with a Christian family, I’m not devoting myself to Christianity at all. I though that was what they believed not what I believed.

Then the magic happens on two days before Easter, which is also known as the Good Friday. We went to church, listened to the sermon as usual, and started singing like we always did. And it all came out of blue. I started crying out, crying like a baby. And it was that day that converted to Christianity.

So that’s it. That’s the power of God. I know it must feel like a galaxy away from you. You feel like, “Well, that’s your experience, not mine.” But what I will like you guys to remember is that God has a plan for all of us, for every single one of us. He knows the beginning from the end. When you going through some really really difficult time, it’s him that knows what’s gonna happen.

That’s the power of Christianity. Whenever I go through a hard time, I know I have someone supporting me form my back, and everything is going to turn out just fine. And remember, the teacher is always quiet during the test, I just need to hold on to that belief that God is always in control.

Life does take us by surprise, and we just have to keep that optimistic attitude. So when next time you are feeling really down…  Be ready…there’s surprise!

—————- Individual Evaluation by Ivan Sit —————-





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