Minnie Lin, C3, Remember to Forget

Remember a couple weeks ago, Facebook came up with this one-minute video that you can see the photos you’ve shared, your most-liked posts over the years being a Facebooker. Some of you Instagramers might know that this idea was actually originated from Instagram. But anyways, so here I was, watching my video and throwing myself back to those interesting moments.

Contest Chair, Fellow Toastmasters!

Isn’t it always so great to look back to those memories and realize what you have accomplished? I recalled the great time spending with friends and family, the overwhelming excitement when I got accepted into college, and the thrilling moment I was crowned both prepared speech and table topic champion. I always like to indulge myself in the memory and think about what great things I have done. As wonderful as you can imagine, sometimes, and you know it, it’s not healthy.

Back to about four years ago, I went to the United States as an exchange student. It had definitely been a very blessed year. Filled with wonderful memories, and most importantly, for the first time, I was madly in love with someone special. There were so many little moments that still tickled my heart whenever I recall them. He is an outstanding swimmer, with the well-built figure and broad shoulder that gives the best hugs. I remember the night me and him lying on the snow and looked up to the starry night with the temperature 10 below 0, It was definitely freezing yet warm with him by my side. And I can just go on and on…

I know, there must be some romantic images flowing in your mind right now, and yes, those moments were the sweetest ever. Well, I have to disappoint you also myself, it’s a love that never gets the return. He was seeing someone else. We were good friends in deed, but nothing more than that. I didn’t want to accept this heartbreaking truth, and decided to live with the memory I had with him. Those little moments that made me feel like I was THE ONE. Even back in Taiwan, I couldn’t move on with the strong feeling that I had for him still in me.

It was not until two years after I came back from America that I realized he actually liked me back at a certain period of time. The situation got even more pathetic since apparently he has moved on and has a girlfriend already. I tried so hard to dwell back when that would be, and wonder why we didn’t end up together. And I think of those little sweet moments again and feel the real bitter sweet in my tears. Besides regret, still regret.

One day, I was listening to a sermon by James Macdonald, a very senior pastor. And there’s one thing that knocked me awake and I would like you to remember this, “Life isn’t about how much you remember, it’s about what you can forgive and forget.” It’s not telling you to forget everything; it’s about letting it go. The more you hold on to, the less you can pick up. Those memories are so wonderful and sweet and phenomenal, yes, but still, as time move on, we have to move on too. Life is just too short to look back all the time!

I know, this is never as easy as it seems, but we need to realize how important it is to cherish the moment right now. You know why this present moment is so precious? Not a second before, not in the next second, but just this very “present” moment. Because this is a “present.” What makes you think they share the word here? Because they are!

It’s never easy to let go of those sweet things in life. And I’m not saying it’s gonna be easy, you have my testimony here, I spent four years loving a person and held on to the memory that gave me unrealistic hope, wishing a future that may never happen. I can assure you those memories still come back constantly and make me wonder thousands of what if, what if… But listen, it is the attitude that matters here. We need to have the confidence to let go of the past, enjoy this present moment and look forward to the future.

Yes, spending that one-minute looking into your past was great, but after that. Remember to let it go. Remember to move on. Remember to forget.

Individual Evaluation for Minnie – Claire Liu




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