2013/12/27 Final Meeting

Final Meeting是本學期最後一次社課,也有社長Joey Chen的Farewell Speech喔!

Toastmasters of the Evening: Benson Lee & Jason Lee

Timer: Steven Liu
Ah Counter: Chen-Han Chuang
Vote Counter: Amy Su
Variety Session: Kelvin Lee
Prepared Speeches

Eric Chang
Project: C3 The Stolen Years

Kevin Tseng
Project: C4 Some lessons I learned from ethics

Project: (TBD) Are you chicken out of chicken?

Project: C1 I Like Change

Oscar Award Ceremony: Lambert Tao & Minnie Lin

Appreciation Award Time (host: President& EVP) Joey Chen
Appreciation Award Time (host: President& EVP) Tina Chang

Farewell Speech: Joey Chen

New Officers Installation: Emma Sie

General Evaluator: Trini Ding

Presentation of Awards



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