The plan of my university life-Dao-C1

Hello, my name is Dao. Today I’m going to share my plan of university life with you.

After becoming a student in NTU, I was wondering what I want to pursue and learn in the coming years. After(注意發音 contemplating )for a month, I finally came down with three ideas.

The first one is to travel(注意發音 abroad) alone, so that I can know more about the certain countries , and experience the foreign life in person, such as the food and culture. In this way, I can broaden my (注意發音horizon )and prevent me from being (注意發音ignorant.)

The second one is to make more friends from different backgrounds. Because when I was in high school, I was sacred to talk to others on my own, thinking that it was strange to talk to those I meet in the first time. However, not to talk to others means I can’t be familiar with them. I want to make more friends, so I have to change myself.

The third one is to listen to these friends’ stories of life. By doing so, I can understand their faith, the difficulties they have encountered, and something interesting in their life.

There is one way to mix these three ideas together. Become a backpacker. By doing so I can travel abroad, meet others, and listen to their stories. After making this decision, I started to plan which country I wanted to go. Before the semester started, I had made a blueprint for that. I wanted to visit the famous, modern city in the Asia.  Like Singapore, Tokyo, (注意發音Seoul), and Beijing. However, it was just a castle in the air and I hadn’t put it into practice. Finally I forgot it after (注意發音faced )with heavy assignments.

Not until last summer vacation, did my sister tell me that the summer vacation for college students was important, because I was in the age that I could make something different in my life. Such as being a volunteer, going abroad, or taking some contests. I recalled my plan and talked to my sister. She encouraged me and gave me some advice.

Finally I chose a safer place as my first stop. Singapore. At first I was nervous; worried about I couldn’t come back, because it is said that if someone broke the law would be punished heavily. However, there’s a little bit difference, residents seldom followed traffic lights, and they even passed the street without zebra crossing. At that moment, I astonished that Singapore’s law was not as strict as I thought. I just have to acts as fine as I did in Taiwan.

During this trip, I made some friends. Because of them, I had a deeper understanding of Singapore. At first, I thought it was a wonderful and perfect city. However, they told me it was not as perfect as I thought. First, vehicle fee is too expensive for everyone, Second they have to import water for daily use due to lacking reservoir. I realized that I have to experience everything on my own, or I couldn’t know the real situation behind it.

Now I would like to share you some pictures I took

The first one is landmark of Singapore, Marian Bay Sand.

The second one is one of the oldest buildings in Singapore

The third one is the night scene of modern Singapore

After this trip, I made friends, broaden my horizon, and knew something. This is the first step of my plan. In order to enrich my life, I would like to go to other countries in the future. I shared my story to friends, they are interested in it. Even some of them want to join me. Now we have already planned another trip in next summer vacation. We want to go to Seoul or Tokyo as our next stop. Now, I am making my plan into reality step by step.



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