Pursuing My Dream-Jasper-C1

Pursuing My Dream
NTU Toastmasters C1 speech
by Jasper Lee
Imagine having more money in your bank account than you could ever dream of spending. Whatwould you do with the money? Would you buy your own villa, yacht or even a luxury castle? Maybe you would consider becoming a collector of vintage cars, or hold them as a heritage to pass down to your offspring. What’s more, perhaps you would take a different approach and donate most of your fortune to charities.
If you had more money than you ever expected, if you held it as a treasure in the bank, the money would be useless and become just a number in your account. However, if you could use it to do some more meaningful things, it would be great!
I was born in a very poor family near the Tong-Shan River in Yilan county, where the distance is an hour of car-driving from Taipei. I was constantly thinking about how to improve the inferior financial status of my family, how to go from rags to riches, how to get rid of the terrible living environment. The questions had become my goals since I was just a little boy.
There is a famous song which illustrates that Taipei is full of all sorts of hopeful places, which are full of treasures. With hard-work and perseverance, you will get a lot of opportunities. As soon as I finished my service in the army, I set foot in Taipei to pursue my goals. I didn’t want to be just an average Joe. Instead, I hoped to become a successful businessman.
I changed several jobs at the beginning, as every job that I did was just routine work, which wasboring and didn’t possess any challenges for me. Finally, I found out that being a salesman would be a right choice, which was a shortcut to be trained as a successful businessman in the future. I started as a salesman in a private company. I learned how to sell products with skillful salesman-style talk, got a firm attitude with soft and polite manner toward the customers. I faced different kinds of problems associated with various clients, terms of price, quality, the delivery as well as the after-sale service, and so on. By doing so for some period of time, I recognized the attraction of the fruitful commission, rewards, or bonus that came to my pocket every time my consignments were done.
The sky was blue, the sunrise was shining along my way, the light breeze was blowing on my face. The world was so wonderful when a young guy gradually owned mature business skills, and I did think it was the right time to start my own business. I established a trading firm named GGIC in year 1980. It became a routine that I counted each floor from ground to top of the six-star building in front of my office, dreaming that I myself would have one floor of it one day, a mansion for residence with a Mercedes-benz car, and so on. After three-decade of effort running my business for African market, I had already achieved all those goals when I retired.
Aside from my goals, there’s one more big task for me: how to encourage or direct my children with high-quality education and the appropriate working experience to enhance their competitiveness intheir future career. As a result, my senior son, with his wife, got their master degrees of Financial Engineering and MBA respectively from the Chicago University. Several years later in the banking field, they were promoted to be the director and a high position in the big foreign banks. My second son with his beloved were doctors, working as an osteopath and a pediatrician at the Chang-Gung Hospital in Linkou.
What’s more, dreaming that if I could get my degree at the prestigious school of National Taiwan University would be great, trying to pass the entrance examination and years of efforts, I got my diploma of master degree at NTU EMBA at the age of 60.
To share my experience of African market has become my next vital task since I retired. The busy schedules to perform my vivid descriptions to enterprises, college students as well as Rotarians hasoccupied almost all my daily life over these years. There were approximately 160 sessions of sharing so far.
Setting goals to pursue is one thing, but how to accomplish them is another. Do you have any dream that you want to fulfill? An admiring degree from a prestigious college, a better career, be a successful businessperson, be a powerful politician? Or establishing a sweet family with your beloved? Why not set-up your own goal now?Trust me not at all, or all in all. By persevering and keep going on, by trying your best, you are bound to see the light unveil ahead of you, and all your dreams will come true.



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