My Name, My Way-Eugene-C1

My name, My Way

Eugene Chen

Hello everyone, my name is Eugene Chen. Today, I would like to say 2 things in my speech. The first thing is where I studied. Every time when someone asked me “where did you studied?” I’ll answer them “I studied in Yonsei, a university in Korea.” I believe this is an unexpected answer for most of the people. Cause some of them make the face of “what? …….” And most of them will said Hmm……Interesting…… Why would you choose Korea as your school?” or “why don’t you just studied in Taiwan?” Usually, my answer is “Because my sister studies there, and she strongly recommends me studying there for the great facilities and professors.” But to be honest, most of the reason is that I want to see the world outside. To experience different culture, to meet new people comes from all over the world, to see the difference between them and us and to think in a different way. Talking to new people and let new thoughts and interesting ideas stimulating each other…… isn’t that sounds great? And BTW because my school is an international school, which is almost all English environments, so I’m facing both eastern and western’s culture shock. But that’s fine, cause that’s what I want.

For the school, I believe most of you still have a question “If you studied in Korea, why are you staying here” It’s a more complicated question, so I’ll explain it with PowerPoint. (PPT2)

As you can see, in Korea the 1st semester starts at March, so after I graduated from high school, I begin with their second semester. And because the course in freshman year is mostly common curriculum so I can still handle it. But when it’s sophomore year, many course requires the course in first semester. So I can’t get enough credits I need. That’s why I’m here.



Another funny thing I want to talk about myself is my name.(PPT3) My first English name is named by my sister. She called me “Kiki.” You know, when you’re a really cute little boy, it doesn’t really matter . But when I grow up, I started to realize how girly this name is. And what I think about Kiki is “This guy”(PPT4)

I said to myself “No Way, I’m a guy, I need a cool name.” So ask my English teacher for help. He typed my Chinese name into his electronic dictionary. (BTW my Chinese name is 繹吉) so it comes out as a name “Eugene”. And after I search it on the internet,(PPT5) In Christianity, there are 4 pope called Eugene, In military, lots of general also called Eugene, and even many famous actor, artist, musician, and athletes all called Eugene. (PPT6) So eventually, I choose Eugene as my name. Everything is fine until I went to Korea. All the Korean that noticed my name, make a strange face. Because유진=Eugene (PPT7) and in Korea, it’s a totally girls name. I even know some of my female friends are called Eugene!

So one of my elder classmate said “Hey! I remember your Chinese name is Chen, Yi-Chi right? Let’s just called you Chen, Yi-Chi. And it’s easy to remember because it sounds like “Kenny G” ” So everyone started to call me Chen, Yi-Chi after that.

I still have more things to share with you in the future. So in this speech, I just want everyone to know why I choose a road that is so different from others. I won’t regret the road I choose. As the famous poem “The road not taken” said in the end: (PPT9)

Two roads diverged in a wood,

And I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.




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