Making decision Amy Sue C1

Making decisions


Hello everyone! I’m Amy Su. I am glad to share my topic with you. Today I’d like to share something with you about “making decisions”.

In our lives, there are lots of decisions to make. For example, what are you going to eat this morning? Which club should we choose? Or even choosing which depart to major in. Sometimes making decisions are not as easy as we imagined. Today, I would like to share my story of making decisions with all of you.

Once when I was a three-year-old girl, my mom brought me to a dancing class. The main reason why I started to dance was that I was too heavy at that time. However, gradually I found myself becoming better and better at dancing and deeply fell in love with it. So when I was nine years old, I decided to enter Dance Classes for Talented Students. And fortunately I did well in the audition and was admitted to it. I have very different memory in elementary school than normal students. I spent more than two hours having dancing class every day. We learn ballet, modern dance, Chinese dance when other kids are playing in the playground. Even when summer or winter vacation came, we still had to have extra training. Sometimes we would complain about being deprived of our vacation, but most of us still enjoyed it and we were proud of being a member in this class. After graduated from elementary school, some of us quit dancing but most of us attended Dance Classes for Talented Students in junior high school. The training became tougher, the courses were not just for developing our body and teaching basic things, but aimed to turn young dancers into professional dancers. We had to practice dances that required more skills, improve our strength and stretch ourselves to the extreme like pulling our legs over our head, standing on our toes and hold on to that position even we were trembling all over . Some of us got hurt, and some of us couldn’t stand the stress of being trained so hard. Finally seven of us left and I chose to stay, and kept on dancing.

Time flies, after three years of hard work, I was admitted to the best dancing school in Taichung and also being admitted to National Tainan Girls’ Senior High School. I was standing at a crossroad in my life .One led me to be a dancer and the other would take me to a place that I am not familiar with. My parents never made decisions for me, for a fifteen years old girl, it was a challenge to decide her own future. Which road should I take? And what decision I’d made? You must know the answer because that’s why I am standing here!

The first day I stepped into Tainan Girls’ Senior High School, I had trouble getting used to my classmates. How could someone be so heavy? Why do they have their hair dyed or permed? Those things were not allowed in dancing classes. Another thing was that since I was not in a special class anymore I have no dancing classes in school. Every time I went to see a performance, I felt awful and always cried in my heart. The one on the stage should be me! It took me a lot of time to adapt myself to my new life. And I’m also afraid that I couldn’t keep up with my classmates in studying.

Sometimes I regretted to come to this place. I wondered, did I make a wrong decision?  Did I really regret it, or was it just a process of getting used to being a normal high school student?

Those days are really hard to bear. But, now I can tell you that “There is nothing  called a wrong decision” When I looked back to my high school life, I saw myself making progress and being far more matured. These three years, I made friends who have different merits and learn from them, became the president of the wind band, and participate in all kinds of sport contests! Finally, I entered NTU. You may wonder that “Have you thought about what will happen if you chose another road?” Of course l did. But I found that there’s no need to doing so. All you have to do is think carefully before you make a decision, and embrace it. Some may be afraid of making mistakes, some may be afraid of throwing themselves out of their comfort zone. But we have to remember that life is short. Don’t waste time hesitating. Be brave and just do it!





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