Jason Lee C5 National Geographic Photography Journey

National Geographic photography journey


Hello everyone, welcome to the National Geographic classical photography exposition. I am your tour guide today, just call my nick name 小威. National Geographic Society established at 1888, and this year, 2013, is their 125th anniversary. During this long history, National Geographic aims to be the eye of human to explore the world, and to talk to the people by numerous amazing images.


Do you think I will just lead you walk around the venue, see some photos, and listen to me murmuring? Of course, not. That is too traditional. I will let you “feel” the photo. Just by a simple password: “1,2,3, X”. The “X” represents the moment a photographer capture, and also represent the voice of a camera shutter. All right, Guests, our journey is about to start; everyone please repeat the password with me “1,2,3, X”.


(1,2,3, X)

Ah~ How high here is! Wait; am I on an airplane? No, I am on a hydrogen balloon on a height of 31kms’; it’s at the edge of the earth’s atmosphere.

Hey sir, what are you doing? Are you about to commit suicide?

“No, I am an Air Force captain, Joe Kittinger. If I want to suicide, I will stay here. I am going to break the record, leaping from the edge of space. Well, please help me to take a photo when I jump.”

“No problem, there is already a camera on this balloon positioned by National Geographic photographer. I believe this image will represent the 1960s, the age of the space adventure. Good luck to you.”

I don’t want to fly to the space either.

(1,2,3, X)

Where am I? I feel so frigid, and I can’t even breathe. Hey, there are some people over there, can you hear me?

“We are the Mount Everest Expedition sponsored by National Geographic Society. It’s 1963, the Society’s 75 anniversary. So they send us to the top of the world to celebrate it, and to report it to the world.”

“Wow, I can’t believe it, it’s 1963, you are avant-garde of the human history.”

“Not only us, from the top the world, to the depth of the sea, National Geographic support lots of expeditions to reveal the truth about every corner of the world.”

(1,2,3, X)

Hey, what’s wrong with this girl? Are you OK? Why you look so shocked?

“Who are you? Don’t come near to me! I just feel scared by the ruthless and plight of the war. ”

“What’s your name?” “My name? I don’t have name, in the National Geographic, I am called as the “Afghan Girl. In 1984, Soviet Union bombed Afghanistan, they destroyed my hometown, and I was sent to a refuge camp. A photographer captured the moment, to warn human the horrible of war.”

“And leave hear right now, it’s very dangerous.”

(1,2,3, X)

Is this an Surrealism painting? Wait; am I being framed in this painting? Oh-no. Let me out! Let me out!

(Act as Mr. Lanting) Don’t be afraid. I’m the photographer Frans Lanting. You are not in this painting, you are at the “Naukluft National Park, Namibia, Africa.”

“Why it looks so unrealistic?”

“Don’t be doubt. See, the time is at dawn. The warm light of the morning sun is illuminating a huge sand dune, while white floor is still in shade. It looks blue because it reflects the color of the sky above.”

“Unbelievable, while now it’s morning, the color of the sky changed. Just like this. Let’s go to the next stop.”


(1,2,3, X)

Finally, our journey is about to end. Thanks for our visitor’s corporation. I hope you can get used to this innovative visiting way. You suddenly feel frigid, feel super high, feel distressed, feel unrealistic. When you feel these photos, do you know how difficult the photographer made it?

What’s more, I feel that in front of the nature, humans are tiny; humans are giant, because of civilization, a heart of adventure and curiosity.

But we cannot forget humans belong to mother earth, to be humble and to be harmonious with nature are always an important lesson.

Oh, is this our last photo? No, it’s the door to go back to the Toastmasters meeting. 1,2,3, X.




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