Tonight, I’m here to share a story which influence me profoundly. It provides me a very different angle when I’m contemplating and making decisions. I hope the story I’m going to share tonight may also bring something profound to you.

The story took place when I was in junior high. I believe most of us share the same memory: the ministry of education was dedicating to vanishing the coporal punishment, that is , iithe physical punishment. In my school, however, there were some conservative teachers, holding great power which could control the school’s affairs. They played important roles in school, and insisted on not to stop the corporal punishment. Thus, we were detached from the trend.

I can clearly recall it was a cold winterday. The memory is scorching, especially on my face. I forgot to bring my homework book(聯絡簿), and as a punishment, my teacher slammed my face out of every one’s anticipation, I couldn’t believe man standing in front of me could be so rude and tyrannic.

How could you put up with this kind of treatment? The teacher didn’t have the right to humiliate us with excessive corporal punishment. Most of my classmates accepted it, but I couldn’t. Because I’m not the teacher’s puppy! So, I wrote a very long letter to MOE to accuse him of his savage actions.

No longer after the new semester began, a document came. The principal of my junior high was commanded to start an investigation and additionally, an inspector would come to our school in 2 months. My teacher was furious after knowing about my anonymous letter. He then read the letter to class and demanded the writer to be brave and confront him directly. I stood up and I was brought to the principal’s office.

When I got into the office, I was shock (freaked out), because all the managers from different offices were there. The principal then walked to me and gave me a document in which they tried to explain that my teacher was plain and kind, and what I said was nothing but something exaggerated. When I finished reading those ridiculous words, I found more than twenty eyes staring at me silently and strictly, waiting for my response. I plucked up my courage and ask all the managers with a trembling voice. ”What if I don’t accept this? Cos I know these are all lies, and you know they are.” The principal answered me with a cold voice, “We will definitely fire your teacher for his improper behavior.” “What I want is just to abolish corporal punishment rather than disqualify him! I’ll sign this document to protect him from dismissal but you all have to promise me to eradicate the corporal punishment!” I became (a little) agitated. After a long deliberation, they finally promised me.

It took a long time to go through the process after the school declared to abolish corporal punishment, the teachers became tigers with no teeth. My classmates regarded me as a hero who was brave to fight for our rights. Nevertheless, things changed in my school two months later and I didn’t feel proud of myself anymore. The violence among the students became rampant than Moreover, drugs began to appear in the campus. The change was so dramatic that I didn’t know what to do. At first I just wanted to defend our valuable rights, and tried to stand out to fight for it. However, when we toppled an evil wall down, we may at the same time let something horrible Sadly, before the new problems were solved, I graduated and never returned.

It’s a great lesson to me. I realize that there always be pros and cons in any matter. It’s very careless if we only look the bright side. “Where there is light, the shadow exists.” I’ll always keep this in mind. TME




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