I Like Change-Louana-C1

I like changes. If you have known me since my childhood, you will find out that I am a totally different person compared to 10 years ago. I can’t stay the same for too long. Instead, I keep finding out something I am unsatisfied with, and then I will tell myself, “It’s time to make some changes.’’

There are some turning points in my life which turned me into who I am right now. First, I was very shy in elementary school and junior high     , and I loved studying so much. Sounds crazy, right? I did have some friends then, but I hardly talk to anyone else except my close friends. In order to change this situation, when I entered high school, I joined the recreation activity club, which is 康輔社 in Chinese. I met lots of people there, and I started to become more and more active. The biggest lesson I had learned during the process was that, sometimes you saw a person at the first time and thought, “We will never become good friends, because I just don’t like her! ” but after 2 years, you will find out that you were wrong. Everyone has something worthy of appreciation inside his/herYou just need time to find out. This changed my attitude toward making friends.

Second, I felt that I depended on my parents too much. Hence, last summer I went on a trip to Europe by myself. I participated in a voluntary project in Germany. But actually, I couldn’t speak German at all! To be precise, “thank you” in German is the only word I knew. Nevertheless, I grew much from the one-month-trip in Europe. Although I met lots of difficulties, thank god I survived!

Finally, still another thing is, I can’t speak English well. To improve , I join NTU toastmasters, and I am still on the way to try to speak better

Besides what I have just mentioned, there are also examples of some unsuccessful changes. One of them is that I really tried hard  not to be late for classes in the morning, but I failed because it takes me too long to decide what to wear in the morning. !!!!!!Other examples are trying not to do homework at the last minutes before deadlines, trying to clean up my room so that I can at least walk in without stepping on stuff, and trying to loose weight. Actually there was once I did success! But those kilograms came back after I was back from Europe. I gained 4 kilograms in a single month!

Alright let’s stop all the grumbling. At the end of this speech, I would like to share what I learned from all these efforts I made.

First, we all need friends on the long way to make changes. When I first entered high school and prepared to embrace my new life, I was so busy and didn’t spend much time with my old friends, which makes them unhappy. The truth was, although I wanted to become better, it didn’t mean that I wanted to give up what I already had. This made me understand that, no matter how busy we are, we should never neglect those people who are important to us, and they will be the greatest support whenever we encounter difficulties.

Second, we are not perfect, so love what we are now, just don’t be too satisfied as to lose the motivation to improve. Once , I was so angry with myself. “Why can’t I do it perfectly just at the first time I try?” This no doubt frustrated me . Now I gradually learn that I have to love who I am now. Only in this way then I can enjoy the process to become even better.

Every time when someone asks me, “Hey, do you think I should try this? It sounds challenging but interesting!” or, “I like this guy so much, but I am not sure if it would be great  to be his girlfriend. Should I try?” My answer will always be YES! Just like the line in the movie Forrest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re gonna get.” Sometimes you get a sweet one and sometimes a bitter one, there are always risks. But, remember, you will get nothing if you don’t open the box at all. Toastmasters of the evening.




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