How to play a prank on others?-Dora Hsu -C2

How to play a prank on others?                   公衛一B01801012許筑淋


It is always fun to play a prank on others, though it might be a tragedy to the victim of the prank. Prank is always an unexpected, funny, beautiful episode to us when life seems to boring and no surprises. A prank is so attractive to the ones who are still childish is because prank bridges the daily life and comedy. Just like a crown break into our lives, the victim amuses us with his naturalist reaction. With its unusual attribute, prank can always release our pressure, and season our boring and dull lives with laughter.


But there’s a problem. How to play a prank on others?


There are several steps below. First, find a proper victim. The victim can be your teachers, classmates, friends, siblings, and parents. But if you are mean enough, strangers may be a good choice. There are some factors that a perfect victim must have. For example, the vivid face expression, the more the victim’s face changes, the more dramatic can the audience can feel. And the personality is also an important factor, the more serious the victim is, the more laughter can the prank make. Less but not least, the victim cannot be a too smart guy because prank will be easily fail when the victim begins doubting if he or she finds out something unusual.


Second, think up of a great plan for pranking. The prank must conform to the victim’s need ostensibly at the beginning. The need can be from daily routine to personal emotional. For example, give a sweet teeth an extremely soar candy. Or put a fake cockroach made of plastic in the teacher’s bottle who always makes his or her students to make a top-up of his or her bottle.


Third, play the prank with perfect acting skills. This is the most important key which decides whether the prank will be successful or not. If you want your victim have no doubt at all, you must act like an actor or an actress who just won an Oscar. When you find that the victim fall into the trap you set previously step by step, you will gain a huge sense of achievement with the innocent expression on the victim’s face. But if you cannot help but burst out into laughter, you will break the whole prank. So, the acting skills are the serious art of a prank.


Fourth, make a happy ending. Though the prank is always fun and entertaining for the audience, the victim doesn’t feel amused at all. Being furious due to the embarrassment that the prank cause, the victim maybe will cut off the relationship between you and him or her. In order to have the next opportunity to play a prank on him or her again, it is necessary to say sorry and thank you to him or her for his or her funniest and naturalist reaction. And make all your effort to recover your relationship.


After learning many skills of prank, there’s a perfect example of a successful prank. There was our victim, Jack, my college classmate, who came from a boys’ high school. His biggest wish after entering college was to have a girlfriend. However, he had a very strict standard on his future girlfriend, such as perfect figure, beautiful face, straight and black hair, and so on. To others’ anger, he often criticized the girls around him who are not so ‘’ perfect ‘’ in his mind. However, it was ironic that he was not the kind of handsome boy whom most girls would admire. He had pimpled face, curly messy hair, and 170 cm below in height. Having the confidence from nowhere, he always thought that every girl must have a crush on him.


One day, when he asked me whether I knew any cute girl who was still available and fitted his high standard. In order to give a lesson to him, my classmates and I decided to play a prank on him. Here’s our genius plan. We arranged a date for him and a’’ special’’ girl. The special girl was cute, outgoing, talkative and loved outdoors activities. And most important of all, instead of apply to the typical standard of being a girlfriend, she was somehow masculine with strong muscles and dark skin because of long-term and regular exercising.


We cheated Jack that the girl just perfectly fitted his standard, and told him we had arranged a date for him and the girl. On hearing this, Jack became extremely excited and looking forward to the coming of the date. He even cannot fall asleep the night before the date. When Jack walked into the coffee shop with excitement, to his astonishment he saw a ‘’handsome ‘’ girl sitting over there. He changed his expression immediately from happy to disappointed. In the two hours of sitting there and listening continuous nagging from a talkative girl, he seemed to be in a despair. Observing through the window outside the coffee shop, we just watched a great show!

Not only did we play a prank on him successfully but also we taught him a valuable lesson that every girl has her own advantage. I think that the perfect prank just packed the lesson in a humor way.



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