Face-Howard Hwai- C5

It was a rainy day. The wind blew hard an the air was cold. As soon as I got home, the phone rang. It was from the hospital. Although I was only 10 years old, I knew something was wrong. Soon after the phone call, my mom brought me to the hospital, and to the intensive care. I saw a man lying on the bed and I was shocked. I asked myself,” Is the person lying there my grandpa? ““No he couldn’t be. Grandpa was strong and had loud voice. He always brought me to school every day.” ”Why are his eyes closed, with tubes and electrodes all over his face and body?”

I held his hand and the hand was big as usual, but I found it cold and loose. I still remember that every winter. Despite the freezing temperature, it was these big warm hands that held me tight and kept me warm

I remembered that once I was very sick, he took off his jacket and laid it on my back. He said that with the jacket on my back, he could share my pain. So this time, I took off the little coat of mine and laid it up on him. I hoped this could bring him back; I waited, waited and waited, but nothing has changed. At eight o’clock, the line on the screening became flat.

Then, my family got busy and I was often left alone at home during the next few days. Until one day, I was taken to a room full of flowers. In the middle of the room, there was a box. I saw my grandpa’s face peaceful and amiablye if he was sound asleep but he was not snoring. I whispered but he didn’t answer. The coffin lid closed slowly and then it was taken away. Few hours later, I saw a plate of ashes and bones before my eyes. And my family told me that it was my grandpa. They asked me to take a piece of the bone and put it into a jar.

And then I was taken home. I saw the sofa he used to sit upon and take a nap and I always played beside him. The jar came to my mind. I asked myself ”How could a little jar be my big grandpa’s home?” I didn’t know why. I began to drop tears. I began to cry. I cried and sobbed. I sobbed and cried. I felt helpless because I was not ready to face it. I felt helpless because I could do change nothing. I felt helpless because it seemed that at any moment death could take away everything I cherished. The only thing I could do was to cry.

However, even though life is unpredictable. We can never know what will happen– success or failure, being together or separated, happy or sad, laughter or tears. It seems that we cannot change life. But we can choose. Choose to love. Choose to express our love. Choose to express our love to our family. Always remember not to come home too late. Always remember to give a phone call to your parents. Always remember to give them a hug and tell them” I love you”. They are always waiting for you.

But a right method to convey our love for our family is quite important also. One day, I took out my phone and sent a text message to my mom. “I love you, mom. It is good to be your son. ” A few seconds later she replied, “I love you Howard. Don’t commit suicide! Things can go better! Mom.” So remember if you want to express your love, please do it face to face. Tonight, after you go home, please give your parents a big hug and tell them “I love you”.




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