Chen-Han Chuang C1, What makes me stand here at this moment.

What makes me stand here at this moment.
Well, I’m not going to talk about how NTU Toastmasters appeals to me. Since it’s my C1 speech, I’m going to talk about my personal life story instead..

OK, before the speech, let’s go with simple survey first.

Q1 : How many of you know what my name is ? (Of course all of you should know, because it’s just on the agenda.)
Q2 : How many of you know that I majored in Mechanical Engineering and it’s the second year of my graduate school? (Great, part of you know it.)
The last question, how many of you know about my age? (I suppose no one knows the correct answer. Actually, I would be not 24 or 25, but 27 years old after this month, almost 3 years older than most of the graduate students.)

So, what makes me stand here at this moment?
Because I failed the entrance exam for three times? >>>          Of course not!!

Trace back to 2005, when I was 18, at the beginning of the university, I made a plan. I planned to study hard, then graduate early and find a good job as quickly as possible, because I thought it is more suitable for me to work than to be a researcher or a student. To achieve this goal, I became a 7-11 student, spending all my time in studying and learning from 7am to 11pm every day. Finally, I earned myself the chance to graduate one-semester earlier, and got an offer from a company in Taoyuan after finishing military service one year later.

If I didn’t make the plan that time, I may go and get master degree as general science and engineering students 2 years ago. And I won’t be on the stage at this moment.

So, (Claire) how do you think about the answer of the title?
The story keeps going.

In the first year I worked in Taoyuan, life was grateful and joyful. I worked hard and learned hard. The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction filled my world up. And I was a 7-11 engineer this time. However, as time went by, there grew up a sense on my mind, a sense of regretful, regretting for the shortage of theory. I… felt eager to learn more, and I… pined for more and deeper knowledge. Fortunately, the regulation of my company is special, which allows the employees leaving the office half of a day to take classes at school. So I started to play two roles in the same time, a full time engineer in Taoyuan and a full time student in NTU from 2012.

If I didn’t fell eager for knowledge, and if I didn’t follow the craving, it is impossible that I could stand here.

Well, it’s not in the end of the story yet. From then on, I became much busier. Though I put all the effort in, time and stress still deprived my performance away from both school and company. Two semesters had passed, I gradually realized that’s not my intention to get poor performance in both sides. What I pursued is to work better and smarter. One day in the last semester, I made a decision. I decided to slow down the busy life and make each steps steady and clear. So I quit my job in July, leaving myself more time for self-enhancement. To be honest, if I didn’t make the decision to slow down the life, I won’t have a chance and time to meet all of you here.

The story is finished, (Ivan) how do you think about the answer of the title?

Without the plan I made in 18, without feeling eager for knowledge, and without the decision to slow down, I won’t be on the stage here. But if you ask me “What makes me stand here at this moment", the answer is neither the decision to slow down, nor the sense of eager, nor the plan. I would say, what makes me stand here on the stage at this moment is destiny. Each coincidence in life accumulates and turns into certainty, forming the destiny. It’s destined for me to stand here and to have all the members in NTU Toastmasters in my precious memories.

(And last but not the least – it’s of course the destiny that you-our dear TME could meet each other.)

Toastmasters of the evening.




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