Amy ,C1,my friendship spectrum

my friendship spectrum
    Before starting my speech, I have to say it took my full courage to share my idea and story later. Not only because I’m on the stage, but also some content might be controversial or stimulant to most of you.
    Do you think there is a clear standard of differentiating between red and yellow? Look at the spectrum. Can you show me a fine line which separates yellow and green absolutely? Actually, though you can easily tell black from white, it’s hard to set the problem when it comes to grey level. You might guess now what on earth I want to express. Today, I would like to discuss about sexual orientation. Remember the ambiguous spectrum, and what about the heterosexual and homosexual? Which type do you classify yourself, heterosexual, homosexual or neither? The third option? According to Psychological association definition, bisexuality means someone can feel varying degrees of attraction from both male and female. There are many criteria to identify a person’s sexuality, however, I want to deem the issue as undeterminable as a spectrum.


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