A Blessing In Disguise-Eric-C1

A blessing in disguise(Eric Chu)


Have you ever had a meaningful experience that has changed your personality or your viewpoint about life? I think the answer is “Yes”. We all learn a lesson from our experience. Take me as an example, I used to be a shy and introversive boy. All I liked is playing video games at home. I was an otaku(宅男). But now, I have become an outgoing person and I join Toastmasters. I like to make friends and enjoy traveling. How did that happen? Here is a story that I want to tell you.


When I was in elementary school, I traveled abroad every spring, summer, and winter vacation with my family. We have been to many countries. We visited Paris Opera and Eiffel Tower in France, Sydney Opera House in Australia, Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, Universal Studio in America, Great Wall in China, and many other places. At first, I was not interested in this type of traveling, I played gameboy all the time and stayed at the hotel watching TV. I only cared about myself. However, here is the thing that changed me ever since.


On a summer vacation , Dad, Mom, and I joined a tour to Spain. We visited CASA MILÀ (米拉公寓) and PARC GÜELL(奎爾公園) in Barcelona and had a great time there. My father was fascinated by the ancient and cultural buildings and delicious gourmet at Barcelona so we decided to spend an extra week embracing the whole city. We bought a local map and resided in a hotel nearby the subway station. As the saying goes,” All good things must come to an end”. At the first day of the extra trip when we were in the subway station, 3 tall men besieged us. They robbed my father of his wallet and ran away. Everybody in the subway station witnessed it but they didn’t do anything. At that time I was just 12 years old, but I ran after them for almost 150 meters. Until my father screamed out, “Stop, Eric! Stopped chasing!”


After the robbery, we lost 70,000 NT$. I regretted that I did not keep chasing, but If I caught up with them, what could I do? I cannot even touch them a finger!” “Also, I’m not a brave guy, why do I intend to do such a dangerous thing?” After a few days, I knew what’s going on. In the deep within my heart, I knew that I’d lose anything rather than my family, at that moment, I felt that I got to do something.


Afterwards, I view every trip I took as a treasure and I really enjoy being together with my family. What’s more, I got rid of my bad habits and tried to get closer to others. Magically, I have made more friends and become happier.


Everybody does learn a lesson from his or her own experience. If you made up your mind to change, you could have a completely different life. As for me, risking my life for my family to learn a lesson, it’s worthy. If not, I couldn’t have the chance to make friends with you and I might lose such a good chance to share my joy and tears with you. It was really a blessing in disguise! TME!






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