Miguel Lok, C5 , The Good Old Day!

C5 speech, The Good Old Day!

Before I start my talk, let me ask you guys a question. Does anyone keep writing diary every day? Raise your hand! For me, I started writing diary when I was senior high. My reason? Actually the reason doesn’t sound good, even a little embarrassing. I started writing diary because I was rejected by a girl at that time. A boy rejected by a girl, in today’s term, we call that “LOSER(魯蛇)”. (show 1st slide). And because I was young, so precisely, I cannot be called as LOSER, but should be called petit loser(小魯蛇). She told me that we were too young. She has never thought us in that way! Although she didn’t want to hurt me and her excuse was soft, still I was so sad. Even worse, I, the petit loser, was not old enough to buy any kind of alcohol at that time and I didn’t know who I can talk to. So pathetic! Right? However, for no reason, I was just sitting down on the chair and started writing down my bad feeling. Amazingly it really comforted me and that’s the time I started my first diary. Tough moment for me, right? It was a story long time ago. As you can see, since then I have collected many years’ diaries. (show 2nd slide).

You may wonder why I keep writing diary constantly these years. I found so many good reasons to do so. My initial reason is “Writing is Therapeutic”. As I said, writing out my bad feeling comforts me. Every time when I am in a terrible mood, writing diary can make me feel better. Quite often, these words even make me realize the actual situation is not that bad as I imagine.

Another reason I keep writing diary is “to become a better ME”. I was an introvert. When I was a freshman in university, I was shy and not good at making new friends. I felt nervous in front of a stranger. But I wanted to change this situation. So I set a goal in my diary that I have to make one new friend every month. At first, I had no idea how to reach this goal. Luckily, I learnt playing violin when I was little. The easiest way and a good start for me to make new friends was to join the student orchestra because first, playing instrument does not need to talk. That makes me feel so relieved. And second, there must be a lot of people in orchestra. Supposedly there should be someone who is willing to talk to me. I am glad I made this decision at that time. (Briefly introduce the photos). I made many good friends there. In fact, some of them become my lifelong friends. So I recommend you, if you want to achieve any goal, the first step is to write it down and read it out to remind yourself every day.

Some people have another reason to write diary. They believe that when they get old, diary is something for their grandchildren to read. It’s nice but I am not going to do that because I am going to shape myself a hero image to my grandchildren. So it is not a good idea to let them know their grandfather sucks. haha. Just kidding!

To prepare this speech, I do re-reading my diaries, re-looking at the past photos. During the time, all memories come out my mind. Everything just like happened yesterday. Our memories are always so worthy to cherish even though our life may not always be gratified. At last, I am going to share the words in my diary as my conclusion. “It’s good to share our past, but it’s better to create the future together”. That’s the only reason why I am here and I can keep writing my diary every day. Thank you! TME.




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