2013/12/06 Theme Meeting #2 __is the apple of my eye

You are the apple of my eye!

Wow, 這次的主題社課有什麼驚喜等待著我們呢?

Toastmasters of the Evening: Claire Liu & Ivan Sit

Timer Cindy Yu
Ah Counter Eric Chang

Vote Counter Howard Hwai

Variety Session: Cheri

Prepared Speeches

Tina Chong
Project: C2 Biology or Chemistry?

Judia Chen
Project: C2 Listen to the Voice from the Outside

Chen-Han Chuang
Project: C1 What makes me stand here at this moment.

Jason Lee
Project: C5 National Geographic Photography Journey

April Yen
Project: A4 Lessons Learnt from Apology

Table Topics Session: Danny Chang

Individual Evaluation

Miguel Lok
Jessica Chen

Kevin Tseng
Emma Sie
Richard Lo

Language Evaluation: Roger Lo

General Evaluation: Lawrence Huang

Presentation of Awards

Officer Announcement



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