2013/11/29 In-House Contest

In-House Contest的精彩回顧來囉~~~

Contest Chair: Claire Liu
Timer: Amy Su
Timer(2): Angelica
Vote Counter: Kevin Tseng

Prepared Speech Contest

Bess Chen
Project: C4 Acting Experience in Hedian

Bill Peng
Project: Present In Your Style

Project: C4 A new way to practice speaking English

Arthur Lu
Project: C2 Love

Howard Hwai
Project: C5 Face

Joey Chen
Project: C6 Regain the Initial Aspiration

Minnie Lin
Project: C2 What do you value?

Table Topics Contest

Minnie Lin

Jason Lee


Kevin Tseng

Danny Chang

Jessica Chen

Dora Hsu

Leo Howard

Contest Result Announcement
Presentation of Awards



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