2013/11/08 Regular Meeting

久違的Regular Meeting來囉~~~

Welcome Guests and Introduction: Joey Chen, President

Toastmasters of the Evening(TME): Judia Chen & Minnie Lin

Timer: Harry Hsu

Ah Counter: Martin

Vote Counter: Renee Jen

Variety Session: Claire Liu

Prepared Speeches

Pursuing My Dream: Jasper, C1

Have I Tried My Best: Cheri, C2

Overwhelm Mt. Fuji: Wei, C2

Mentors of Life: Jessica Chen, C4

Two “Don’t" I Learned in My College Life: Ivan Sit, C4

Table Topics Session: Kevin Huang

Individual Evaluation Session

C1: Ice Breaker, Kevin Tseng

C2: Organize Your Speech, Jason Lee

C2: Organize Your Speech, Howard Hwai

C4: How to Say It, Jack Tung

C4: How to Say It, Alvin Chou

Language Evaluation: Professor Karen Steffen Chung

Presentation of Awards: Joey Chen, President

Officer Announcements




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