2013/10/18 Freshmen Cup

New members在台大吐司的第一場演講登場了


Toastmasters of the Evening

Pei-Fang Hsieh & Leo Howard

Timer: Minnie Lin

Ah Counter: (Canceled)

Vote Counter: Alan Yeh

Prepared Speeches

Making Decision, Amy Su, C1

ME, Eric Shao, C1

My name, Steven Lin, C1

What I Learn from the Book “How Will You Measure Your Life?", Wei, C1

Kazetatsunu, Jinney Guo, C1

Coffee, Tea, or Me?, Amy Kuo, C1

The Children of Brightness, Peggy Tsai, C1

Why to Become a Leader, Paul?, Paul Cai, C1

The Great Harvest from the Farm, Kenny Chen, C1

Change, Steven Liu, C1

Dare Dreamer, Harry Hsu, C1

Evaluation After Every Speech

Claire Liu, Ivan Sit, Emma Sie

Language Evaluation: Mike Yang

General Evaluation: Ivy Yang

Presentation Awards: Joey Chen, President

Officer Annoucement




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