Eason, C1, Twenty Thousand Miles around the World

Twenty Thousand Miles around the Globe              鄧沛元 Eason Tang

Ladies and gentlemen, I am Eason. Today I would like to share my piece of life in the aspect of travelling, so all of you may have a basic understanding about my life episodes throughout these 18 years.

I admit I am not a good boy at all. When I was studying in elementary school, neither could I stay put in the seat nor could I have a long attention span. I must keep talking with my classmates or I fell into sleep. At that time, my teachers often punished me to stand outside the classroom, which turned out to be the happy hour for me. I could stretch out my arms and enjoy the scenic beauty outside the classroom. Therefore, it is my curiosity about the things in my surroundings, however trivial, which leads to my passion for travelling, although nowadays I still sleep in class from time to time.

But… regarding travelling, money is a major problem. One way to satisfy my needs to have little adventures back in Macau was travelling by bus. Bus service in Macau was convenient and its fare was unreasonably cheap, so it was no surprise travelling by bus was the only way I could afford. Moreover, my family was so poor that I hadn’t been brought to any place farther than 100km from my home until I entered junior high school.

A new adventure and wonderful story then began. I studied in a new high school. Thanks to my math talents cultivated by how much nickels and dimes I have used each time for my small trip, I was chosen to be one of the representatives of Macau to attend a math competition held in Nanjing. Instead of saying clichés like I have learnt a lot of math knowledge through this competition, I would say, I went there just for fun and games. Wow!  The distance between Nanjing and Macau is 1200km. I made a change!

For the next few years till graduation from senior high school, each year I’ve got a chance or two flying abroad farther and farther in the name of Macau representative. When I was Junior 2, I have been to Seoul; Senior 1, Los Angeles; Senior 3, Copenhagen, etc. Although I feel tired every time after receiving the long trip schedule, each time heading for a new destination provides me with excitement and refreshment. Everything is new: the people, the language, the currency and cuisine, the food and goods. You have been to a totally different world though you know you step on the same globe. I suffered from “culture shock” each time, but once I close my eyes at the end of the trip, every piece of unique puzzle I collect throughout the trip suddenly springs to life and forms a beautiful picture. Every trip takes me lots of time and energy, but regarding these invaluable experience, it is worth it.

Among all places I have visited, Copenhagen is my favorite. As you know, Denmark is one of the wealthiest and happiest countries in the world, so I expected everything would be great. It turned out that yes, things were wonderful in Copenhagen but there were other reasons. The goods were expensive and a big mac combo would cost you 350 New Taiwan Dollars. The main point was Danish’s richness did not lie in lots of material but in their mental fulfillment. They had short working hours, so life, to them, in my opinion, was a thing to enjoy but not to exhaust. There were large parks, larger than the Daan Forest Park, in which people gathered, relaxed and played games. Though the games they were playing, for a person who was used to playing with smartphones like me, were boring. However, the close relationship between people and the slow but meaningful pace of life attracted me a lot. I did some reflections on my life in Macau and ask myself what on earth the definition of happiness was. The answers to these open and fundamental questions in daily lives, I discover, can be found in the course of having a trip. Our lives, after all, consists of different trips which are full of fun and surprise. I admit that I love travelling, how about you? Toastmaster of the evening.




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