Joey Chen, C5, Smart phone, smart choice?

Smart Phone, Smart Choice?

I Phone, a revolutionary device which combines an I-pod, a phone and the Internet. Although I’m wearing a black shirt and a pair of blue jeans today, just like someone who used to sell I Phone did, I’m not selling I Phones today. See I’ve also got Taiwanese Brand HTC and the most dominant cell phone brand Samsung here. So which one do you think I use the most frequently? (Wobbling I Phone)

Well, actually none of these are mine. This is my phone.

So a smart phone and my stupid phone. Today I will share with you the potential hazards of using smartphones, and I would like to start with this poster- “Life, is what happens to you while you are looking at your smartphone.”


There are two main points (focus) in this sentence: Looking at your smartphone, and Life.

Every day I spend nearly two hours commuting between home and school. Because of the long time spent on MRT, I developed some peculiar hobbies to kill time. One of them is observing people. I found out that almost 40% of passengers are surfing their Facebook with their smart phone while commuting. You may say, “Joey, that’s not a big problem. There’s only 40%.” True, surfing FB accounts for 40%. And another 40% percent who aren’t on FB are using their smartphones to play Tower of Saviors神魔之塔 or Candy Crush (which means壓碎糖果 in Chinese.) Still other 10% are watching soap operas such as 蘭陵王 from these little screens. So it leaves only 10% of people not using smartphones. So what exactly are the potential hazards of using smartphones?

First, looking at your smartphone itself I a potential hazard.

Since we were little we were all told by our parents that looking too long at a screen will damage our eyes. Recently there’s a new potential hazard to our eyes: the blue light emitted from smartphone screens. Traditional CRT screens emits about only 20% of blue light. LED screens 64%. Smartphone screens, 95%, topping it all. Remember when we were little, teachers told us not to use laser light to point into others’ eyes. Blue light as same as laser has high energy. Some researches show that there’s a correlation between blue light and eye damage. Overexposure to blue light may cause early onset of cataract or Macular Degeneration. We can see more and more cases of eye damage in young people now, and the main reason might well be the overuse of smartphone.

The second aspect, Life.

Smartphones also change the way we connect with others. It seems that we get closer to each other through FB, Line, etc. But actually the connection gets weaker because the way we communicate with each other is changed by smartphones. 70% of communication comes from none verbal language, such as eye contact, vocal variety and body language. So when we are talking with others through smartphones, it is hard to tell what others really want to convey to us through those exquisitely edited words and emotion icons. (The XDs) It is impossible to truly know somebody unless talking to them face-to-face.

Also we let things and people slip through around us when indulging ourselves in sliding smartphones. Parents tend to neglect their children while working with smartphones. Friends are using smartphones separately while gathering. Even dates are sometimes endangered or ruined by smartphones. We want to seize any possible time to use our smartphones in order not to “waste” time. Meanwhile we may be missing out life. We kept ourselves to this cozy small screen, and we lose connection with the surrounding world, with our family, friends, and also with ourselves. We no longer spend time on self-reflection, contemplation and future planning when we have spare time. When everybody turns to smartphone for comfort instead of turning to people, we are actually Alone Together.

You must feel struggled right now after my speech, “So Joey, what do I do with my smartphone now after knowing the potential hazards of it.” Here’s a suggestion. You can bring your smartphone to me, and I’ll kindly offer you my stupid phone in exchange of your smartphone. See problem solved. It’s very easy. In another case, if you still want to retain your smartphone. Just remember smartphones can sometimes be a two-sided blade. “Life is what happens to you while you are looking at your smartphone.”

Instead of letting smartphone control and change our lifestyle, we should have control over them and be the true owner of our smartphones and the owners of our lives.


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