2013/10/18 Freshmen Cup

Freshmen Cup 來囉~~~


Welcome Guests: Joey Chen, President

Toastmasters of the Evening: Pei-Fang Hsieh & Leo Howard

Timer: Minnie Lin

Vote Counter: Alan Yeh

Prepared Speeches

Making Decision: Amy Su, C1

ME: Eric Shao, C1

My Name: Steven Lin, C1

What I learn from the book “How will you measure your life?": Wei, C1

Kazetachinu: Jinney Guo, C1

Coffee, tea, or me?: Amy Kuo, C1

The Children of Brightness: Peggy Tsai, C1

Why to Become a Leader, Paul?: Paul Cai, C1

The Great Harvest from the Farm: Kenny Chen, C1

Change: Steven Liu, C1

Dare Dreamer: Harry Hsu, C1

Evaluation after every speech: Claire Liu & Ivan Sit & Emma Sie

Language Evaluation: Mike Yang

General Evaluation: Ivy Yang

Presentation of Awards: Joey Chen, President

Officers Anouncements




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