Queeny, C1, Most important friend, Wei-Wei

Most important friend, Wei-Wei

Good evening, everyone. My name is Queeny, a sophomore in the Finance department in NTU.


First of all, I want to ask all of you some questions. Is there anyone who is also important to you besides your family? Can you imagine how miserable your life would be without him or her? And most importantly, who’s that one for you?

My answer is him, Wei-Wei. I’m going to share my story about me and my best friend. We met each other when I was in high school. At that time, My mom decided to keep him as a pet to cheer me up. The good news made me really excited. However, my grandpa and my dad opposed to keeping Wei-Wei. After I cried to show my determination to keep Wei-Wei, my family agreed to accept Wei-Wei as our family member. Since then, Wei-Wei started to live at my home.

In the beginning, he was shy and hard to get close to. He refused to eat or to drink anything the first day and even trembled all day. It really made my mom and I worry. We even took him to a vet. But gradually he became familiar to my family and always walked around every room in my house. We became good friends then. We did anything you can imagine together, such as studying, watching TV or going to Seven-Eleven. With his company, I don’t feel lonely any more. Every time I see him, I can forget all pressure and unhappiness. When I can’t find someone to talk with, I will talk all my secrets to him. Maybe he cannot understand, but I know he’s listening to me and accompanying me I can’t imagine my life without him.

However, no friends have no quarrels, including Wei-Wei and I. One day I got home, I found that he went to my room and bit my textbooks. I was mad at him. Although I knew that he’s only a puppy, I still punished him by hitting him slightly. From then on, he started to be afraid every time when he saw me. I felt frustrated and didn’t know how to do. So I tried my best to get closer to him like hugging him all around or bringing him to my room when studying. However, every effort I did was in vain. So, I decided to leave him alone and hope that time can heal our relation.

Fortunately, as time goes by, everything became better and better. He is no longer afraid to see me even though I play some tricks on him now. He’s the most important friend to me and the only one who can always make me happy. I learned that no matter how much you love your friends or your family members, Never do anything that will harm them. Time is the best cure, but we have to wait. And we all suffer from waiting.



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