Lucas, C1, The one who brings light

The one who brings light

Good evening everyone, my name is Lucas, as you hear the name you may be curious about it, because it’s not so common in Taiwan. So you may ask? Why I choose Lucas,

because the character in 敗犬女王? No

because the famous director in Hollywood whose name is George Lucas? No

because the son of 張柏芝? No

because there was a story happened in my childhood

since I entered the elementary school, I was the troublemaker in class. It’s difficult for me to keep silence in school, I cheated the classmate, pouring the water on their body, chasing the girl and lift their skirt and even broke teacher’s microphone. The most common word that my teacher told me was “call your mom to school right now”. All my classmates hated me at that time.

But things changed when I was in third grade, my mom took me to see the doctor, and doctor said I have an inclination to Hyperactivity Disorder,

In Chinese is “過動兒傾向”. He suggested my mom let me do some activities which can release my energy and transfer my attention on it. After that, I joined the soccer team in my school. And that really changed my childhood.

Three months later, there was a sport competition in school, teacher told me “you practice every day in soccer team, let’s see what you can do ” so, I became the last runner in rely race. I have to reach the terminal line for my class. In that day, when the game came to my term, there still about 10 meters between me and the leader , I ran as fast as possible, did all what I can did to catch up on him, and just the last 1m before the terminal line. I exceeded him and won the champion. At that moment, I am not the troublemaker anymore, I became a hero in my class. I felt so wonderful not only because I won the game, but because I can do something really helpful to my class.

One week later, teacher asked student in class, does anyone have any ambition in the future? I raised my hand and said” I want to be a hero ,leading the class win the champion again ” then she asked” what kind of hero you wanna be ” I think for a moment and said” like the skywalker Luke in star war movie ”.

After that, I decided my English name as Luke, but my English teacher said that sounds the same as “LOOK”. So She suggested me “Lucas” will be better, and it has the same origin as “Luke”. it means the one who bring light.

In real world, I may not be as great as Lucas who brings light to others.

But I think I can bring fun to the world. If somebody feel happy because me, that means I give them positive energy in their life, just like Lucas gives light.

I am Lucas




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