Wei, C2, Ocerwhelm Mt Fuji

Overwhelm Mt Fuji

 I thought I was strong, but at the moment I walked on the gravel
path of Mt Fuji, I found I was wrong!
 This summer, I went to Japan with friends, and challenging
Fujikyu haunted house was one of our schedules.
But when we moved to Fujikyu, our mind changed. Because
we realized that transportation fee in Japan was extremely
expensive, we didn’t want to spend another significant cost to
buy play ticket.
But if we don’t go to haunted house, we couldn’t come up
with any alternative at that moment, so we decided to go
hostel first that we could cultivate inspiration during rest.
When we stood at the porch of hostel, we found Mt Fuji just
behind us,
So splendid and enormous.
My friends said: Hey, how about climbing Mt Fuji? It’s an
economic activity.
In my own experiences, mountaineering was just like hiking,
walking on a paved road and enjoy the scenery, it might be a
very easy thing.
Ok! That’s go.
Next day, we waked up early and took shuttle bus to the foot
of Mt.Fuji, near the entrance of hiking trail, I saw many
climbers with professional equipment, even including some
muscular westerners.
I perceived that there had a gap between my recognition and
reality.  Yes, we walked on the rugged gravel path, every step, my foot
sank into gravel, and I pull it out. Each stride was a truly torture.
With increasing altitude, temperature was getting cold and
breath became harder and harder, I began to heavily gasp
I felt exhausted and sick, just like having attacked by 10
incurable diseases simultaneously.
The only thing I could do was looking my foots. Step by step,
hoping time elapsing quickly.
2 hours later, we found that there was a milestone ahead us, I
felt motivated and came closer, it shows: about 7 hours to
reach the peak.
Alright, I bought a crutch!
But even having a crutch could not alleviate my toil, we
rested every five minutes. Or you can say we paralyzed per
five minutes. We stopped and went throughout the way, I
didn’t know how far we had walked, but eventually, we arrived
at the peak of Mt.Fuji.
The Peak is a gigantic crater, we cried, laughed, howled on the
peak, and crossing the prohibit line, doing some push-ups on
the edge to disguise we were still energetic.
We lied on the earth, looked at the purely boundless blue sky.
All toil gradually went away.
 But don’t forget, we still had to go down before sunset.
The down road was an infinite slippery slope covered by pebbles
and sand.
So we could slide on the ramp instead of walk.
We slid fast with singing loudly all the way, even other
climbers cheered for us.
Until we sung every song we could remember numerous times
.finally, we reached the entrance again. It was 10 hours later
since we climbed! Because we had to wait for shuttle bus to send us back, we sat
in the rest area, bought several beers to toast and sung a song”
富富” to celebrate our grand achievement.
I thought this is the most exhausting thing I had ever done.
However, with friends, songs and beers.
This is also one of my best journeys.




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