Ivan, C4, Tow “don’t" I learned in my college life


Two “don’t” I learned in my college life

When we were young, parents and teachers always told us not to do many things. ”don’t make sound when you eat.” “don’t lie down to read.” “do not play computer game all the time.” If we don’t listen to them, we are punished. Now we are adults. People no longer tell us

“don’t do this.”, “don’t do that.” we are free to do everything. We do things as we wish, and we taste its bitter consequence sometimes. Then we understand, something should be put into the “don’t do” list.

Today, I am going to share with you two “don’t” I learnt in my college life.

Don’t say too much before action

A few days after I graduated from senior high, I was admitted into the Department of Chinese Literature in NTU. I was excited as well as disappointed, excited because it is NTU, disappointed because my first choice was the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures (DFLL). At the moment, I made up my mind: I would transfer to DFLL. As soon as the decision was made, I told my friends in Macao; when I entered NTU, I told my new friends in Taiwan; and furthermore, during the Freshman Orientation, at the end of my self-introduction I even added: “hey, you know what? I’m going to transfer to DFLL!” (OK, I admit this is just a dream.) Whatsoever, I told so many people that almost everyone knows about my “plan”.

However, when I started to work on my “plan”, I got to know more about both DFLL and my own Chinese Department. I got to know that DFLL is not that perfect a wonderland I thought, and my own department may worth my whole college life to appreciate. Both departments are abundant in literature, no matter it is in English or Chinese. Little by little, my intention about transferring to DFLL weakened. But, I already told everybody I planned to transfer. I told them way before I was sure about it. And now I “quit”? How embarrassing! Everybody was waiting. Everybody was watching. And I quitted, regretting I had spread out the plan so early. From then on, I learned a lesson. No matter what you are planning, how great you think your dreams are, don’t spread the idea far and wide before you ever really start. Do it. Saying out loud just makes you a talker. Do it, then everybody will see.

Don’t emphasize too much on your feelings

I am quite weird a person. Every day I must do something I consider meaningful, so that I can feel “OK, I have done something today”. Otherwise, I would feel uncomfortable. But we all know that life is too busy. There are a lot of obligations to fulfill. It can be your troublesome work at your club (not this one I hope), or maybe your mother ask you to watch your little brother study, and more often, there are many many other trifle things.

You fulfill them one by one, and before you even notice, the day was gone.

I am depressed by such situation. The thought “I have done nothing today” haunted me.

I just can’t help thinking:

“The day has passed.”

“I have wasted a day.”

“I have done nothing today!”

You see, the day has swept away, and I spent my entire night grumbling and feeding my sadness. So the night passed too. And thus started a vicious circle. I wasted my time thinking I was wasting time. Finally I realized that sometimes focusing too much on my own feelings is not “sensational”. It is self-centered, and only makes my life dimmer than it should be. That’s why I say: “don’t overemphasize too much on your feelings”. I don’t mean we should ignore our feelings, I mean we need not be swallowed by it. Life itself is already hard. We need not let our emotions give us unnecessary tortures.

It is the second “don’t” I learned in my college life.

“What to do” and “what not to do” is a lesson we are always learning in our lives. We learn it when we taste its consequence. Finally, there is one additional ‘’don’t’’ I would like to share: Do not linger on the stage when you see the red board, or you’ll waste your time regretting that you go over time.

Toastmasters of the evening.



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