2013/10/25 Theme Meeting#1

Welcoming Guests and Introduction Joey Chen, President

Toastmasters of the Evening(TME) Lambert Tao & Emma Sie
Timer: Martin
Vote Counter: Claire Liu
Variety Session: Bill Peng

Write It Down, Richard, C2
Let the World be Your Playground, Jessica Chen, C1
Rocket Science, Miguel Lok, C4

The Motivation From the Start, Cindy Yu, C1

Lovely, Pei-Fang Hsieh, C6

Table Topic: Jack Tung

Individual Evaluation Session

C2 Organize Your Speech, Ariel Shen

C1 Ice Breaker, Jason Lee

C1 Ice Breaker, Tina Chang

C4 How to Say It, Michelle Tsai

C6 Vocal Variety, Ivan Sit

Language Evaluation, Michelle Fan
General Evaluation, Bonita Hsu

Best Speakers



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