Steven Liu, C1, Change


My name is Steven Liu, and it’s my great honor to stand right here. Today I am going to tell a story in my school life, 5-year junior college(五專). I believe most people in this room had never studied or been in junior college before, so I decided to share this unique experience as my first speech.


Before we start, I will have a quick introduction about 5-year junior college. First, this education system starts in Germany, it’s system that decade for students who want to or have to work earlier. Second, students in 5-year junior college come from junior high school, not high school, and we will have a major in next five years. Third, students in our school need to have at least 250 credits in 5 years to content graduation requirement and will receive associate degree not Bachelor degree when he graduate.


The story for today is about trying, I met a man that I never knew before but changed my life in the 3 rd year of my junior college , his name is Joey Chung(鐘子偉), that year I was confused about what I am going to do after graduate and have no passion on my major–Finance. Joey has a column named “Life after Harvard" on Businessweekly, people here may read his article before, and luckily I found his Facebook and wrote an message to him, I wasn’t expect much. Sometimes people don’t need advice. Sometimes all they really need is a hand to hold, an ear to listen, and a heart to understand them. I only thank him for his article , told him I was kind frustrated during that time and explained my situaion. However, his reply blow out my mind. We chatted few times on Facebook and we met each other face to face later, I can’t imagine that a president like him can just sat in front of me, had a cup coffee, listened and answered all my questions in that afternoon. We didn’t find out what I am going to do in the future, because we figured out that even myself don’t even know me. So what should I do? He told me to try everything that you interested in.


I began the journey of change. Because a friend I met in a camp, I join a study group in NCCU, the group was reading and discussed about international relationship, you might ask what the hell I am doing there? You don’t even know what’s international relationship is. You might think spending two hours on traffic and just sat in there with those excellent students is wasting your time.

But if I had never been there, I won’t be able to understand that the relationships between economy and politics will affect each other.


The other thing is I have been one of the staffs in HSMUN this year, a camp, because I won’t going to have transfer exam next year, which means I won’t be a normal university students and there won’t be a chance to hold a camp in the future, so why not give it a try.? Being a staff and also an associate of a team was really fun, time with those high students and feel their passion makes me feel younger. I learned many things there, I learned the way they distribute the works, how they manage a team, and share different opinion together. Most important of all, I experienced the passion that everyone focuses on only one thing: to give those high school students a sweet memory when they leave.


Failure may keep you sad for a while, but failing to try may make you regret for a lifetime. I have lived for twenty years, trying to experience and doing everything I could, but discovered that the world is too spacious for me. It’s delighted and comfort, because there is still too many to experienced in future for you and me. We will discover that life is filled with inspiration.


Toastmaster of evening



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