Peggy,C1,The children of brightness

The children of brightness

When it comes to my name, Peggy, there is a distinctive story behind it, and also a special meaning about it, but I didn,t know the meaning until the time I started to prepare the speech for the freshman cup. Look back on the years I have passed, it really conforms to me.

First, let’s talk about the story. Around six years old, I went to America, to Sanfransisco. It was my first time being to the USA .I met a cute girl there. I remember that my mom put me into the pool alone and went to buy some drinks. I was very scared because I don,t know how to swim (even now I still cannot.) The depth of water in the pool only about 80 centimeters. As for a six years old children, 80 centimeters was nothing. However, I kept crying, suddenly a cute girl throw me a yellow ball. She said, “Let’s play ! Don’t cry, good girl. Your mother is coming back soon.” Her smile liked a sunshine which warmed my heart. While playing with her, miraculously any fear was gone. Ten minutes passed, my mom came back. She was surprise that her shy daughter was playing ball happily with a

totally strange person. When the cute girl was about to leave, she asked me,’’ What’s your name ?” At that time, I still don,t possess my own English name. I responded to her with my Chinese name,”佩均”. Nevertheless, my volume was too low so that she couldn,t hear me clearly. Interestingly, she mistook my Chinese name into “Peggy”. So, this is the story about my English name.

My mom had told me that I should learn from the optimistic girl. Like her, who automatically help others, even a stranger. She just like a children of brightness. However, I didn,t focus much on these words. Not until one thing happened in my high school days, the sour I had tasted making me realize how important the words my mom had told me. It was our school fair that day. Everyone was excited for the most thrilling competition, relay race. With an eye to winning the championship, our class practiced as hard as we could. No matter how strong the wind blew and no matter how heavily the raindrops poured down, we still kept on running. However, I made a big mistake on the formal contest. I was too nervous

that I missed the baton and then it fell down on the field. What,s worse, I forgot the rule that when the baton falling down, the last runner has to pick it up, not the next runner. Without second thoughts, I was the “next” runner, but I picked up the baton. Expectedly, our class was deprived of qualification due to me. After that everyone complainted me, even named me,”black sheep”. I was extremely sad then, and even want to search for a hole to hide inside it. However, I remembered what my mom told to me, “You are Peggy. Be optimistic, be the children of brightness!!!” After I calmed down, I explained to my classmates and than apologized to them. I admit my fault, and I can,t surrender to my scariness, my weakness, my pessimistic. After my sincere apology, my classmates all understand me. I learned from this experience that if we are confronted with troubles, we refused to challenge it, and always hide inside the darkness, we won,t grow up. We should stand out and be confident to ourselves, be optimistic , be the children of brightness.

Talking so much. What is the relationship between my

name,”Peggy” and the children of brightness? You know what? When I was worried about this time freshman cup,s speech, in order to find the idea, I google my English name “Peggy”. Guess what I see ? “Peggy” means the children of brightness.



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