Wei, C1, How will you measure you life?

How will you measure your life?

Today I want to share what I learned from this book, How will you
measure your life?

The leading role is a professor in business school, he teaches his
student how to help company to make strategies, and expect the
result of every strategy.
One day in the class, he told to his student:
Every day we make decisions. Can you use skills which I tough you,
to explain why your life gradually come to today’s situation, and if
you keep your own mode, then what’s your future life like?
Is this what you want?
What do you want?
How will you measure your life? I never think about this.
In the past, I often felt nervous because I didn’t know what I wanted,
so I decided to pursue what most of my friends pursued. But I was
too much concerned about the results of everything. However,
things sometimes comes smoothly, sometimes not.
So my life was full of proud mixed with anxiety, yeah, it is full, but
not happy.
Now I try to use the opinion of “how to live happier and more
satisfied" to plan my life.
I come up with 3 most important elements in my future:
1st health:Have you ever had this experience, when you feel sick, despite the
most delicious food, seems disgusting to you.
But while you are healthy, even just taking a walk, and gentle
breeze blowing your body, you enjoy.
So I believe that health is the most important factor of our mood,
vigorous person can bring energy to people around him, and will be
ready for any difficult challenges.
Now, I strive to keep my life regular, and keep exercise, I hope even
in my most vigor demanding period, as well as in my old age, I
always healthy and vital.
2rd Intimate friendship
In the past, I believed that people easy come easy go, someone
always can replace someone. I often went out with a lot of friends, I
loved it because it seemed I’m popular. But every time we gather
just for play. We rarely had deep conversations.
In fact, I felt little lonely.
Now I try to treat my friends more sincerely, and don’t waste any
opportunities to deepen our connection.
And then I have several friends who can talk anything.
I feel great sense of belonging which I never had.
3nd Have a job which is my specialty
I’m not sure what kind of achievement I will get, can I have my own
company? Or just be in a normal position all my life time.Some people set their career goal very clearly, but I do not have
that confidence. I think if my work is what I’m good at, exerting all
my abilities to finish my mission is a kind of happiness.
As for whether getting rich or not, I handed it over to destiny. But I
trust that even be nobody throughout my career, if I’m healthy and
vital, as well as have intimate friends, life is still a satisfactory
After reading this book, although my material life does not change,
but my concept change, I know more certainly about what are
important things for me. I feel happier and release.
Thank you.
Toastmaster of the evening



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