Eric, C1, ME


Good evening, dear fellow members and most welcome guests.

Today, I am going to talk about (pause) “ME”.

Yes, ME, MysElf.

For my first speech in NTU Toastmasters, I would like to start with the background and the important things about ME.

My name is Eric. I grew up in an area of Taipei named Tianmu, the very one that has been called…… the“Sky Dragon Town”, which I think is not quite true. You see, it takes me ONE HOUR to get to HSNU (師大附中) , where I studied high school. It also takes me ONE HOUR to get to National Taiwan University, where I got my bachelor degree and now study for MastEr degree of Mechanical Engineering. However, I think this kind of inconvenience is what makes Tianmu a charming place. It’s far from the noisy traffic, and it is surrounded by fresh air. That is why I love my home town, Tianmu, no matter how others call it.

Now, I want to share one of my hobbies which has changed my life and formed who I am today.

The hobby I want to share with you is “Bridge”. “Bridge” is a kind of poker game, not a board game. I want to make that clear. How many of you have played Bridge before? Okay, thank you. I began playing bridge when I was in high school. In my opinion, Bridge is a special game. Unlike some of the card games, you don’t depend on luck to win the game. In fact, bridge is not only a team sport; it is also a great puzzle game which helps you brainstorm. It requires such brainstorming that even caused me a headache after finishing my first bridge tournament.

Half a year after my first tournament, I became the President of HSNU bridge club. During the two years in the club, I learned how to be a good bridge player by attending many bridge contests. In addition, I gradually realized how to be a good leader by communicating with club members, holding welcome party, bridge tournaments, and other activities.

Most importantly, bridge helps me concentrate. The fact is that I was not always a good student when I was in elementary school. I got myself into many troubles and

had been considered a bad child. Although I could do okay in schoolwork, I could never sit still in front of the desk for a long time, especially when I was studying. Not until I started to learn bridge could I really calm down and concentrate on my task. Therefore, Bridge has become a significant part of my life. Every time when I find myself anxious and fidgeting, I can always play bridge with some friends online to pull myself together.

It’s near the end of my C1 speech. This speech not only gives me a chance to introduce myself to all of you, it also helps me listen to ME, MysElf.

To try to find a topic, I kept asking myself: Who am I? What I want to be? These questions reminded me that years ago my junior high school teacher had asked me the question alike: Who do you want to be in the future? And instead of naming numbers of celebrities, I just replied “I want to be myself.” (pause) “I want to be myself.’’, I said. Though I am not one hundred percent sure what my future would be like, I know I will always be ME, the unique, special, one and only ME. Because deep inside I know that “To be different, you may not be accepted. But to succeed, you must be different.”

Toastmasters of the evening.



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