Janet Lee,C10,Share This Dream To Create History

     Share this dream to create history !

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Today, at this point, on this stage, as my C10 speech. I would like to share with you- my dream. Four years ago, I was here sitting in the back listening to awesome speeches in this comfortable environment around with lots of strangers with a little nervousness. Just like you guys did. I kept thinking if I should leave or stay in this room, to be honest, if you have the same thoughts, I strongly recommend you stay till the end of the meeting. Because, for me I would never knew that this place, those speeches, and these people would one day become the most important elements nourishing me to grow.
Why I join Toastmasters ? After experiencing volunteer in Cambodia, Mongolia, and others places in Taiwan, I found out that there are still lots of people who need help. I have a dream that one day I could set up an organization for the poor or even the ones who need our help. So for being as an organizer, I should know how to make a powerful speech to inspire others. So I join Toastmasters, to strengthen my public speaking skills. With this goal, I deliver my speech from c1 to c9, topics from latest news towards my obstacles, or even my love stories. Most importantly, I met my mentor in toastmasters, she not only taught me how to make a good speech, even invite me passionately to join this big family. I have experiences practicing my speech lots of times, but when I got on the stage, I forget what I am going to say. I have experiences, rehearsals how to be a host like TME, but when I get the microphone, I just don’t know how to react with the speakers. But in the end, I conquer them because I could stand one the stage with no fear.

Overall speaking, there are some people who have chosen to conquer all fears and obstacles right in front of them and run faster than the one who has set the record earlier similar to what we used to do in our school. These are great people-great people who create history, great people who had succeeded because they choose to keep fighting till they beat their own expectations.
In conclusion, let me remind you, and myself, and everyone around, that for a seed to sprout and grow, it must exert tremendous effort to break out of its hard outer cover. And just like the seed, in order for us to sprout and grow, we must exert ourselves, and break out of the hard tough obstacles that we faced to create histories, the history for yourself, for NTUTM.
I dreamed that with sincerity, conviction and righteousness, toastmasters make a difference.

Join me and share this dream to create histories.




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