Lambert Tao, My little dream and me, C1

Lambert Tao, My little dream and me, C1
Project: C1 The Ice Breaker
Speech Date: 2013/03/22

My little dream and me

Hi, everyone. Today I want to deliver my first speech in Toastmasters and introduce myself. I would like to talk about 4 things in my speech: my name, my hobbies, my dreams, and why I want to join Toastmasters. Before delivering the speech, I want to breathe deeply twice to let the butterflies in my stomach fly away.

Okay, let’s start.
1My name is Lambert. If you think it’s hard to memorize, you can separate it into two words: Lamb and but.

And my Chinese name is 陶翊軒, it sounds like a famous hot pot restaurant.

I’m a sophomore, major in Political Science, International Relations, and I wish I can become a diplomat someday.

I can’t forget to mention why I join toastmasters: I always have a serious fear whenever I’m on stage. But I think I can overcome it by practicing again and again. Though I’m still ill-equipped, I think I can conquer the stage-fright in the future.

Now, I want to talk about two of my hobbies, playing volleyball and travelling.

I’m in a volleyball team of Political Science Since I was a freshman. I love volley ball so much. If the time I spend on the volleyball can turned into the credits, it takes me almost 20 credits this semester. Thanks to volleyball, I become more confident and strong.

I love to travel, be a backpacker. Because it helps me quickly regain energy and refresh myself. Also, I am always obsessed by the gorgeous views and fantastic scenes from our Mother Nature. How great our Creator’s mighty is!

Last Summer vacation, I travelled around Taiwan by the scooter. Only by myself, and my little dream, travelling around the world, pushed me to do that. One day, when I was in the mountain, the heavy moist made me so scared. It seemed that I was the only human in the world. It was so terrible that I almost gave up and turned back to home. But I eventually beat the demon in my heart and finished my trip. From this precious experience, I found that something if you do not do or try now, you will never have a chance again.

Although my dream is still little, it will grow up slowly day by day. Like this winter vacation, I took a trip to Japan also by myself. And I’m ready to go to Gobi desert this summer, riding the camel and enjoying the exotic and different lifestyle there.

To reach the stars, it may take a lot of efforts, but I think travelling around the world can not only broaden my horizons, but benefits me to be a good diplomat. And if keep our eyes on the goals instead of the obstacles, how hard it will be for us to fulfill our dreams? I believe I can fulfill my dream before I reach 25 years old.

Last, I would like to end the speech with a proverb, “Dreams as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.”

Toastmasters of Evenings.



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