Brandon Hu, The Road Less Traveled By, C1

Brandon Hu, The Road Less Traveled By, C1
Project: C1 The Ice Breaker
Speech Date: 2013/03/22

The Road Less Traveled By

If life is a journey, what makes it meaningful to recall? If the world is a stage, what kind of person do we want to be? “I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” Recalling of my past, this proverb came into my mind.

Before entering college, most people spent their lives in textbook, cram school and exam. Being in the educational system in Taiwan, the top priority of a student is to study hard and to enter a good college. As a student, studying hard is my responsibility. However, I often wondered that if I just study all day long only to enter the college, will I regret wasting my life in such a tedious and monotonous thing. Definitely! Looking forward to have a regretless life, I start pursuing my dream.

On one ordinary evening of my freshman year in senior high, my biology teacher told us that there was going to be a contest of biology. Every year, about 4000 of students in Taiwan will attend it, and among them, 200 will be qualified to join the second stage. After the second stage, only 35 of them are left, and will attend a training camp. Finally, 4 greatest students in the field of biology will represent Taiwan to join the International Biology Olympiad. ”Hey! It sounds cool!”I said to myself. On that moment, I made up my mind to give it a shot, fantasizing one day I will stand on the world stage and win the gold medal.

Being on the road less traveled by, I knew that it would be tough and harsh, but under no circumstances would I give up, for I was so fond of my dream. So enthusiastic was I that I sacrificed my leisure time to prepare for it. I studied the textbook of college in advance, did extra experiments and spent numerous hours in the laboratory. Day after day, I made all efforts to improve myself, but sometimes, inevitably, I felt tired and exhausted. However, being optimistic is my faith; furthermore, my friends and my beloved parents were always there when I felt depressed. So I just kept moving forward, believing that I was closer and closer to my dream.

To reach my dream, I got 3 chances, since I could join the contest once a year in my senior high. The first year, I was defeated at the first stage. I was depressed, but I didn’t lose my enthusiasm. The second year, I passed the first stage, but was stopped at the second one. I realized that I was improving step by step, so why don’t I give myself another chance? The third year, I passed both the first and second stage, and was qualified to the training camp. At that time, the entrance exam of college was around the corner. If I went to the camp, it would certainly decrease my time to prepare the entrance exam, and in turn, threaten my future. However, it was I that decided to go on this road, I didn’t want to let go of my dream. Eventually, I went to the camp and learn a lot, as well as having an unforgettable vacation. Although I wasn’t chosen to be the 4 lucky guys to represent Taiwan, the memories and experiences that I got were invaluable. In the journey of life, I’ll keep on going on the road less taken by, with an eye to find the true meaning of my life. TME.



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