Michael Gebhardt, Who Am I?, C1

Michael Gebhardt, Who Am I?, C1
Project C1: Ice Breaker
Speech Date: 2012/10/12

(with Li-Yuan’s evaluation)

Michael Gebhardt, Who Am I?, C1

Hey Guys

I am from Germany and my name is Michael. Just like Michael Jackson. Ok, he did a much better job than me, but I might be better in soccer. I really love playing and watching soccer. Back in Germany I also play in a small club.

But who am I for my teammates? Michael is the Waterboy. Who has to carry water, ball and other training materials, because he is the youngest. And he has to pick up the dirty soccer dresses after a match. BTW Do you know how socks smell after a soccer match!? Hopefully you do not!  =) I can even tell who wore which socks, just by its stinky smell.  =) But of course for them I am not just one of the staff working for our Club, I am a real team member. Michael has a kind of good ball control is also fast and runs a lot…but unfortunately never scores. He is too good for the second team, but not good enough for the first team, because he never goes to the training frequently.

The problem is, that I had no chance to attend the training, because I was studying in a university, which is about 300 kilometers away from home. So during the week I was studying something strange like mechatronics engineering. NAME just called engineers people that never go out and see the sun only on their screens. NO THAT’S NOT TRUE. I SEE SUN! …On the weekends! =)  But yeah…from Monday to Friday…you are right!…

So who am I for my classmates?! Michael is someone who might understand much by listening for the first time, but he is just so forgetful, that he has to learn the stuff several times, which is, obviously, pretty time consuming. But because he studies with his friends together and everybody helps each other, he has not failed any class yet ;) But Michael is also someone, who is traveling a lot around the world and fell in love with a small country called Taiwan.

And it is actually true. My parent really enjoy traveling and they always took me and my older brother to many countries in and out of Europe. Furthermore I have been an exchange student  to France and Guatemala for a couple weeks, while I was still in school. After graduating I went to Taiwan for one year and now, as all of you can see, in University I am here again for another year.

So who am I for people in other countries?! Michael is an American, isn’t he!? He looks American! Usually all white people come from America! What, he is German?! No way! Germans are serious, they laught not often and do not understand jokes. And THEY HAVE THE VERY STRONG ACCENT. They are so ordered and always on time, but Michael is…well… just not real German. But he is open minded and interested in different cultures and mentalities. He likes to listen to people and tries to be kind and friendly.

The truth is, that I am a different person for my teammates, as for my classmates and in other countries I am even somebody else.  But actually I am all of that and even more.

So what do I think who am I?! I think I can give you no real answer. By a age of 20 it is simply impossible. I also don’t know what I am going to work. Maybe I will be an engineer, because I study that, maybe a businessman, because I think it is more interesting, maybe a street worker, because you never know what happens. I want to have a own family, but I don’t know it that goal will come true, because you can not do that alone. ;)

So if I would have more time I could tell you more about my family, my friends, different hobbies and so on, but all these information are too superficial to describe me as a whole person.

Now I am here at Toastmasters and that is an additional chapter in my life. Maybe it can help me finding out, who I am and hopefully also you can find out by yourself who Michael is. And for sure I want also find out who you are! I am sure that it is going to be a nice time here at Toastmasters!

Good evening!




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