Li-Yuan Hung:Presidential Election Campaign

Dear Toastmasters and most welcome guests, I am Li-Yuan, the first candidate.
In the beginning, I want to thank all the audience for attending this exciting feast in the history of NTUTM.
And of course thanks to the other two candidates, without the competition, we could have never been able to come up with such fabulous ideas for the future of NTUTM.
Now, I want to look back on my Toastmaster career to conclude what I have learned under the four president’s leadership.

I believe NTUTM is a place where I can see myself and where I can see friends in their lives.
And what I want others to realize in NTUTM is to see themselves and to see their friends in their lives.
To see is my core value and it is important especially in Toastmasters because only by seeing yourself, you can lead yourself well and you can lead others; only by seeing others as your friends in the life, you can communicate well with them.
Since we understand the benefit of the belief ” to see”, now I would like to talk about how to make this belief into reality in NTUTM in two aspects, leadership and communication.

To see yourself corresponds to the leadership aspect.
As I have mentioned, I think there are four states as you get to know more about the kernel of officer team or as you get further in the leadership track; the four states are participation, responsibility, authority and finally understand the true meaning of stage.
I think only when you have some authority, of course the authority is based on responsibility, to exert your talent, you can see yourself more. Now the problem in NTUTM officer team is that there are only three vice-president positions for the deputies in state of responsibility to upgrade to the state of authority.
That means these future stars may not be able to see themselves more clearly; not able to explore their talents in VP position; and not able to practice leadership.
As a result, I want to reform the officer team by adding two more teams and by decreasing the EVP, MVP and PRVP team’ s deputy number.
The two more teams are called AD, standing for Artistic Director, and IAVP, standing for International Affairs Vice president. After my explanation, you will understand the two teams are not only good for officers to practice leadership but also good for all the members and guests.

Let’s talk about the Artistic Director team first.The idea came from the joint meeting with NCCU.
I remember Lester Lin appreciated these artistic podiums. I thought “Ya, we could ask someone to do such artistic design for other things.” However, for example, if April suddenly says, “Li-Yuan, make this.” I would think, “What!! It’s none of EVP team ‘s business.” That means no such team responsible for the artistic design won’t make these beautiful products possible. So I want to establish this team to do the artistic design. I am sure everyone will be pleasant to see more such elegant things out.

You might wonder what exactly can they do? Let me tell you.
First, Have you ever noticed that when we were recording the names of speakers, TME have to move ,wow.., so far to the blackboard and write down the names. Because it’s too far away, the audience cannot recognize the names of the speakers.
Now, AD team can make a portable bulletin whiteboard to record the names. It can be put closer to the audience. Besides, with the portable bulletin whiteboard, we can write the information of upcoming events and let the audience read by themselves in intermission.
We can eliminate the officer announcement so that we can have more time to chat after meeting. Everyone will be closer through more interaction with each other at the end.

Second, maybe we can make a toast machine. We can put the awards in the slot of the toast machine. When it comes to award time, the president just press the button, and the awards will arise. Then the president can deliver the awards. Don’t you think it’s great?

Some might argue that in this way, the AD is just a product maker and the things they made are not necessary.
First, I have to say that this is art which makes the environment more pleasant and special.
Second, I will let the AD be in charge of the designed meeting so that she is not just a product maker.
Besides, everything is within artistic scope, so actually every activity can be perfected by the AD team such as the elementary school program, Final outing, etc.

Let’s move to the International Affairs Vice President team.
The IAVP team corresponds to the second part of my belief “to see friends in their lives”. Thus, it’s something about the communication.
I think we can communicate with each other well now because Chinese is our backup. However, I don’t think we can communicate well with foreign students because of English and culture-difference.
This phenomenon is not coherent with the Chinese translation of NTUTM, which is “國際英語演講社”.
Let’s look around, is NTUTM international? No, we have few foreign participants and we are just like playing with ourselves in small Taiwanese, NTU student zone. So, I want to establish IAVP team and IAVP will have two deputies.

IAVP team can do things as follows.
1.Target the area and reason where and why foreign students are interested in NTUTM by doing some statistics.
2.Promote NTUTM to Foreign student in places such as European Night or Club Demonstration for Exchange Students.
I went to that demonstration with Joyce once, and she did a great job but what she said might not be what the foreign students want.
The foreign students might want to know the Taiwanese culture, make Taiwanese friends, attend local activities, and NTUTM can provide them with a bunch of these activities and chances.
However, we just need a team to collect this information and deal with these things so that we can have more foreign members. At the end, we broaden our horizon, we become more international, we see foreign friends in their lives and we will know more about communication with people from different culture.

Now I will briefly explain the responsibility of existing EVP, MVP and PRVP team and also the roles of S.A.A, secretary, webmaster and treasurer.
Since these positions are well defined already, I will not talk too much about the detail of each role but focus on the improvement and expectation.

EVP team: 1 VP and 3 deputies.
1. I expect 1 LE, 1 GE in every meeting, no more GLE.
2. I expect to have Intermission for at least 10 minutes, variety session all the time, and adjourning time before 9:30 in every meeting. This can be achieved with the portable whiteboard to eliminate the officer announcement and with punctual starting time.
The rest is the same.


MVP team:1VP and 3 deputies.

I expect the family system to run early, which means the family grouping list of members should be announced as early as possible.
I expect there is more interaction between mentors and mentees in the Mentor-Mentee meeting. Maybe it can be like a big happy talk, not only the mentors are speaking on the stage.
The rest is the same.


PRVP team:
I expect the PRVP team will promote NTUTM in club demonstration with our main focus such as the regular meeting, SGD, mid-term outing, etc. I think the toast baking is an innovative way, but it’s not the main character.
I expect a continuous promotion of NTUTM in the whole semester.
The rest is the same.

About S.A.A, Treasurer, secretary and Webmaster, I understand that people in these positions seem to have no way to upgrade and to practice leadership.
However, this club requires these talents and I think there are always someone who are suitable for these positions. I will try to decrease the workload for these four roles and ,it they want to, try to involve them into more creative things such as the preparation of design meeting.

At last, I want to talk about how to lead these 23 officers and what my leadership style is.
The first thing a leader should do is identify priority.
I will determine the priority things for officers and design some plan out of nothing for the VP. For example, the things mentioned in International affairs VP team.
The second thing is “break and conquer”. After deployment, each team will be granted full authority with the underlying responsibility. I will tell the team what kind of feeling, atmosphere or effect I want. They will realize this philosophy. Of course in the process, they can come to me for suggestions or ideas at any time. But the implementation will be done by each role, because this is how a leader is made.
The third thing is Feedback and reflection, I will always encourage them and cultivate them to develop their own style of leadership.

This is what I call a input/philosophy/output model.
I will start with some applicable plan as input, explain the philosophy, the rest is officer’s interesting thing to play with by implementation. I will evaluate the output at last.
After Break and Conquer; Leader will be made.

In conclusion, I want to say some words in my heart to everyone in Toastmasters and to the officers-to-be.
To everyone, without staying in Toastmasters for two years, I couldn’t stand here, delivering my campaign speech, speaking in English in such a way and could not have my personal style of leadership. Stay and you will see the improvement.
To the officers –to-be, without joining the officer team, I could not make so many friends in Toastmasters. I would just be an outsider, come and leave. I could not see so clearly what I am good at, or what I should ask others for help. Join officer team and the friends and experience here will be the treasure in the life time.

If you want to see yourself clearly, see the friends from different culture in the life, I will open a new door for everyone!



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