Thomas Cheng, Three Stories from My Life, C1

Thomas Cheng, Three Stories from My Life, C1
Project: The Ice Breaker
Speech Date: 2011 Fall

Three Stories from My Life

I’m honored to be with you today as the C1 speech speaker of Toast Master Club. Today, I want to tell you three stories from my life.

The first story is about my hometown. I was born in 龍潭. It is a middle-sized village in 桃園. 龍潭 is a village famous for its tea and peanut candies. Besides, it has tranquil countryside and fresh air. Most importantly, there is a military research center, called as 中山科學研究院. My parents all work there. Since my childhood, my parents had a huge impact on me. That’s why I study science and become a chemical engineer.

The second story is about learning piano. I had learned piano for nine years. From elementary school to junior high school, it’s my favorite hobbit. In this time, I met a piano teacher. He is a precise, industrious, and strict person. His attitude affects me greatly. I’ve followed him for four years, and his passions and enjoyment about piano made me respect him. Until now, his image still remains in my mind. This helps me focus and control my emotion.

The third story is about traveling. Three years ago, I traveled to Germany for one month by myself. It’s a lonely trip. I had to finish this all by myself. Funny to say, this is not the original plan. I met a friend who was my roommate. His parents are Danish, so he has to go back to Denmark once in a while. Then we decided to go to Europe together at that time. Afterwards, we made great efforts to prepare the whole things. We searched the proper hostels to book, ordered the flight tickets, and read the guide books plus substantial information to arrange the trip. Everything was all set, for us to travel across Europe. None of this, had even a hope to save me from the following dramatic incident. Only one week before our departure, he told me that his grandfather had an imperative surgery, and he had to stay with his grandfather. It was a shocking scenario, for me to be alone as a traveler in Europe. The difficulties are extremely challenging to handle. Everything needs to be altered. From flight tickets to hostel reservations, I have to organize them in only one week. Fortunately, with the helps of the Internet and friends, I’m able to accomplish these tasks within one week. It was a scary experience, but this experience tells me how to deal with unknown works by lots of information. Enormous printed papers popped out of the printing machine, providing the essential information I needed. Moreover, when I finally got on the plane then it took off; I met a professor who sat next to me. He was the professor from National Taiwan University. He said that when he was young as a college student. He once had travelled to Europe all by himself. At that time, I was 20 and he travelled to Europe at the age of 22. His reason was simple. He was planning the trip with one of his friends. When they were ready to go, they had a fierce argument. Then they decided to go separately. He said it was scary, just like my feelings, and he once had to sleep in a train station overnight. Until now, I still think that it’s quite a fascinating start of a trip. After that, many incidents happened in this biggest journey in my life. They’re all wonderful and memorial for me. That’s it. It’s my three stories. TME!



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