Emma Sie, A World Full of Colors, C1

Emma Sie, A World Full of Colors, C1
Project: The Ice Breaker
Date: 2o12/03/16 Freshmen Cup

A World Full of Colors

Toastmasters of evening ,dear fellow members, and most welcome guests, today I want to share with you my habit -painting. Due to my habit, it seems that the way I see the world is a little different. When I look up at the sky, I would consider it the mix of blue and white paint. When I look at flowers in full bloom, I would see it as red and white colors perfectly mixing together. The world I see is always full of colors and lines.

And you may ask me when I found I have interest in painting. In order to answer the question, we need to date back to 1995. When I was still three years old, I liked to draw whatever i saw. The wall in the house was just like a big canvas. I drew my mother sweeping the floor, and folding clothes, and drew my father as fish. It was so interest, right? However, it was not until I met my art teacher at my elementary school that I found I really love painting and started to learn it. The art teacher not only taught me a variety of painting skills but also inspired me to draw the world that I imagined in my mind. Due to her encouragement,I learned and practiced a lot. But it was not enough for me at that time. I wanted to learn more and practice more so I decided to go to studio to learn painting further.

At first, we learned sketching. And then we learned how to paint with water color. This is one of the works that I finished at the studio. The next one is a landscape painting.

When I was a senier high school student, I even established an art club. Now, the club is still fine in my senior high school. In my leisure time, I love going to all kinds of exhibitions of painting. At times, I mimic some works of great painters, such as, Millet, van Gogh,and Mucha.

I love savoring great painters’ paintings ,because the paintings always harbor humanitarian concerns,and make the paintings themselves eternal. I think great painters are always good at observing. One of the most well-known of Millet’s paintings, the Gleaners, observed the sense of fatigue in the peasants’ daily life. Van Gogh’s paintings show the sense of passion in a person’s mind. Even today these amazing woks are still deeply touch and fascinate people, because they are that close to us. I hope in the future no matter what I will be, I can always see the world from a profound painter’s prospective. That is to say, I can not only see the beautiful colors but also humanity under the surface.

Now can you feel my passion for painting? That’s why i join NTU Toastmaster. Iwant to share my feeling and passion for painting with you. Hope you can also love painting after my introduction.




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