Cindy Kuo, English and Me, C1

Cindy Kuo, English and Me, C1
Project: The Ice Breaker
Date: 2o12/03/16 Freshmen Cup

English and Me

Good evening everyone, my name is Cindy. I’m now a senior student and I’m majoring in law. I go jogging and playing piano in my free time. I love animals especially dogs therefore I got three dogs in my family and I can speak a little bit Korean because I love K POP music and Korean dramas. That’s briefly information about me. And now I am going to share some of my growing backgrounds.

My original personality is very quiet and shy. I’m not easily got into a new group. I feel awkward and uncomfortable when I talk to new people. I think that my problem is I don’t feel confident of myself. And the main reason that caused me lack of confidence is that I got a genius older brother. Compared with my brother, I don’t get good grades, and I don’t take first place in any competitions therefore I always think that I have left behind my brother a lot.

Fortunately, my mother understands me and she sees my talent of learning languages. Therefore she sent me to the English cram school when I was nine. At that time, I met an American teacher. He is really nice and encouraged me a lot. I love the way that he taught and it’s so wired that I became really exciting to the English class. And things are getting better when I got into junior high school. I passed the test thereby I have the chance to participate in an English club that provided extra English classes every Saturday and later on I was even chosen by my classmates to be the English assistant. From that moment, English has been the turning point in my life. I’m happy and I start feeling confident. I couldn’t image that I could be so different. And there is something that inside my heart is trying to persuade me, “Hey, you need to stand out, you need to challenge yourself again.” Therefore, when I got into high school, I set a new goal that I must do something before I graduate.

Luckily, I met a girl who is really out-going and good at making a speech. Although it has been five years so far, I still remember what she had taught me that the key to overcome the stage fright is “Practice” because only “Practice makes perfect”. And finally with her help, I took my first step to participate in an English speech contest before I graduate. Just couple months ago, my junior high school friend sent me a facebook message that she told me she is going to study abroad because my stories inspired her a lot. I think her problem is lack of confidence of her English. Therefore, I talked to her and shared my own story that how English changed my life and personality. She didn’t give up, she made great efforts and even made English became her favorite subject. I’m so glad to hear that and it is an honor for me that I could help people. I hope I could be a good story teller in the future and inspired more people, probably make this world happier. That’s what I expected to learn from here, NTU Toastmaster. And it is the end of my speech and I hope you guys love my sharing. Thank you.



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