Claire Liu, Something About Me, C1

Claire Liu, Something About Me, C1
Project:The Ice Breaker

Something About Me
Hi everyone, my name’s Claire. I’m a freshman and I major in economics. It is a special experience, standing here and delivering my C1 speech. Since this is the first step in our friendship, I decide to make a brief introduction about myself as my very first speech.

I’m from Kukang, in Yunlin, which is very famous for its coffee. Kukang’s a beautiful place with simplicity. And most important of all, it witnesses my growing with my dear family. My family has lots in common. We all have interest in music and we love singing and playing instruments. Once in a while my family would have a mini concert in our living room. No audience there (although I guess the neighbors hear us), we enjoy the sweet family time.

Moreover, in leisure time I like to read modern novels and classical ones. My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice. I also love to watch movies, play the piano for our mini concert, and sing. I have joined the school choir during both junior and senior high school because music and singing make me happy and make me get a group of friends who have the same interest. I love music, which is the source of my energy.

But when it comes to my utmost passion, of course, it is English. My father, as an English teacher, especially have a great influence on me. His passion in English has stimulated my interest in language learning since I was little. I still remember he would hum several old English songs like “Longer” or “Right Here Waiting” to put me to sleep. English is a beautiful and useful language to me. That’s why I joined Toastmasters— to improve, to challenge myself, and most important of all, to find people who have the same passion with me.

I used to be a girl afraid of new environments. When I first went to the elementary school, I cried for nearly a semester because I felt so unsecured. I felt terrified and scared at going to school. I started fighting the idea of quitting. This worried my parents a lot. But fortunately I met a wonderful person at school— Uncle Tang. I called him Uncle Candy. Why? Because actually his name is唐國. Uncle Candy was the head of the Office of Student Affairs. When dealing with a troublesome kid, that was, me, he showed great patience. He took me out of the classroom and toured me around the school, describing how exciting and colorful my life would be at this school and how many new things are waiting for me to absorb. He told me that feeling afraid was normal and that didn’t mean I was a loser. But I’ll have to use my fear as a chance to be brave, by fighting against the negative feeling, over and over again. Then, Uncle Candy brought me back to class. He accompanied me for some days until everything went well.
I curved his words deep in my mind and managed to fit in the class really hard. And although once in a while I got an impulse of running away and hiding, I finally made it and got used to my new life. What was more, I began to become a leader and host, no matter in school activities or in competitions. Because every time when I felt like backing down, I recalled what Uncle Candy said to me. I knew I was the kind of person who got used to things slowly, but when I got through all these, I may be able to shine, too. As I grow up, I still feel uneasy now when I’m in a new environment— uneasy, but not scared, because I take this as part of me, and I know when I try my best on everything, the unsecure feeling would fade. After all, ‘’ face the fear, and fear becomes bravery!’’ Toastmasters of the evening.



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