Leony Chang, Life Is, C1

Leony Chang, Life Is, C1

Manual: The Ice Breaker

Life Is

Have you ever thought of what life is? Don’t worry, I am not a philosopher. One day when I was waiting for the bus to go home, two women dedicated to religion asked me of this question and I said no. They seemed couldn’t believe it and wanted to talk more about this issue with me. I felt really irritated. Luckily enough, the bus came soon and I hopped on the bus without keeping thinking this question.

However, as time goes by, I am facing an important intersection of life: whether to go to work or to keep studying so I think more about what life is.

First of all, like is a journey. I was born in Taoyuan but raised up in Banciao. Banciao and Wenshan distinct are two places that I am very familiar with because I went to Jingmei Girls’ senior high school and I am now studying in National Chengchi University. Life is a continuous journey and that’s why I’ve traveled a lot in Taiwan, been to the United States and Canada and now I am here.

Secondly, life is a drama. Finding who exactly your biological parents are is a popular issue in the drama. Nevertheless, like those formulaic soap operas, I do have two parents. I was born in a hakka family where people think more or less boys are more important than girls. My mom is not able to have children so she asked his older brother to give her a kid and which is me. I knew this because my older brother told me when I was six years old. At first it’s not acceptable to me and I kept thinking why it was me not my bothers or my sister but now I am proud of having two parents and my older sister becomes my best friend. I share my delight and sorrow with her very often.

Thirdly life is a series of choices. I want to share with you a sentence I like very much, “you get some, you lose some, that’s life.” As I mentioned that life is a journey. What kind of journey is the most satisfying for you? For me, I’d like to try new things and to know new people so I joined Toastmaster and I am going to practice working holiday program in the United States. Whatever our choices are, we should always remember that life is a one-way journey. As a result, in order to have less regrets we should be daring but careful.

Finally, life is amazing because of you. Do you know who I am?

Tina Liu, IE for Leony’s C1





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