Ken Wang, The Incredible Change, C10

Ken Wang, The Incredible Change, C10

Do you know what are the top 3 things that people are scared of? The third one
is………Spider. The second one is……Death. And the first one is ……Public speaking.
Yes, for most people, public speaking is the top thing people are scared of. Fellow
Toastmasters, this is my 3rd year in NTU Toastmasters. Do you know what was the
incentive for me to come to this meeting? Pretty girls? Not really. It was my great
desire to feel free speaking in public one day, just like many of you. Before joining
Toastmasters, I hated to stand on the stage. I always felt like having butterflies in
my stomach while speaking in public. Nevertheless, I was determined to be a person
with successful career and life since I was a little boy. It was clear that stage fright
was the first obstacle ahead of me. To conquer stage fright, I was advised by my
godparents, who were the charter president and EVP of Legacy Toastmasters, to visit
Toastmasters when I was 12 years old. It was a pity that I couldn’t join Toastmasters
at that time due to age limit, so I waited until I entered university.

In Toastmasters, I was deeply impressed by many speeches, especially David
Chou’s C10 speech, entitled “Hello Kitty Boy- the importance of public speaking.”
David is our senior member who was the first runner-up at Toastmasters National
Speech Contest. David said at his speech that he was a boy without a mouth. He
didn’t know how to start a conversation when he was a little boy. (show a picture
with Hello Kitty and David’s photo together) Can you believe that? What a big
change! To me, David is a person with excellent public speaking skills. Even though
David was very busy, he helped me a lot. He was absolutely a role model for me.
David used to be a Hello Kitty Boy and now he’s a respected senior member in NTU
Toastmasters. If he can make it, we can make it too!

You must have seen this situation at the group discussion. When someone
asked “Hmm……Who would like to deliver the presentation on behalf of our
group?” “……”(No one answered). “Ok, let’s play paper-scissor-stone. The loser
should present.” “OMG, it’s me again, I’m afraid to speak in front of so many
people.” The loser would say. Ever since I joined Toastmasters, I seized all the
opportunities to practice public speaking skills. I always volunteered to do the
presentation on behalf of the group. Besides the presentations at school, I
participated in many extracurricular activities, such as Asia-Pacific Medical Students
Symposium, Center for Talented Youth camp and many other activities.(photo)
When I was an intern in a technology company, I volunteered myself to deliver a
demo show in front of around 200 people.(photo) At the beginning, I volunteered
to stand on the stage. But now, I was usually invited to be the host. It seemed that
I’m much qualified now. Even though I’m still a bit nervous while standing on the
stage. I am not afraid of public speaking anymore. As a matter of fact, I enjoy public
speaking. That is a big difference to me.

The first semester I joined Toastmasters, one of our S.A.A.s quit and I
volunteered to take on his job. By doing so, I acquainted with all the club officers

and got a better understanding of how to run the club. When I served as a PRVP,
I worked with all the team members under the leadership of our president Hadis.
At that time, Hadis told me that we had limited budget so we couldn’t spend a lot
of money promoting our club. I was really worried about it and even argued with
him. However, he insisted that we save fund for future uses. Well, stress can inspire
incredible result. My deputies and I used innovative ways to promote our club. We
designed eye-catching posters and titles for our bbs advertisements. We tried to
use less money to achieve our goal. Finally, we had around 30 new members joined
our club. In that year, NTU Toastmasters was ranked first in terms of the number of
members among all the 144 clubs in Taiwan. This made me think of this. How do you
spell the word “stressed”? If you spell “stressed” backward, it becomes “desserts”! If
we manage stress well, we will have dessert, that is, the reward.

For the past 3 years, Toastmasters has changed my life a lot. It was unbelievable
that a club could change a person’s life, but it did. If you are a guest, step out of your
comfort zone, invest your time and join Toastmasters! For the fellow members, I
suggest that you take different roles, including IE, GE and TME. What’s more, grab a
chance to serve as a club officer. Being an officer will absolutely enrich your life and
make you grow faster. After completing a task with your teammates, you’ll surely
get a sense of achievement, with excitement. For senior members, be a MVP which
means “Most Valuable Player”. Help your club members and guests. By helping
others, you help yourself. I am not a talented person, but I can train myself to be
talented. From what I have said today, I have made a giant progress after joining
Toastmasters for merely 3 years. If I can make it, you can make it too! To start, you
don’t have to be good; to be good, you have to start. Fellow members and guests,
let’s start to grow, right now.




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