John Kuo, Farewell, My Friend, C3

John Kuo, Farewell, My Friend, C3

(Write down “surwdkgo” on the black board) Do you know how to pronounce this word? OK, the right pronunciation of this word is…Well…I don’t know either. Actually, it is just an identity of a boy, whose English name is Andy. But Andy is not special, so I will say “surwdkgo” mention this guy in my speech later. Another question. Who is surwdkgo? Actually, Surwdkgo is a genius student, a miraculous man, a God-like existence, and (PAUSE!) one of my best friends. Today, I’ve come here just to tell you a story of him and me.
Surwdkgo is the most intelligent guy I have ever seen. He won a lot of awards from mathematics to science, from contests within school to international competitions. The most famous achievement he’s ever done is, three years in a row, he won three Olympiad Gold metals in each for mathematics, Informatics, and Physics. And now, he is a freshman in Electrical Engineering of NTU. Besides, he is a presidential award recipient whose GPA was 4.3 last semester! Now, can you even imagine how amazing that is? (Reply: Yes!)
The first time I heard his name was in junior high school. I participated in some mathematics competitions and found his name was always on the top three. At that time, I thought his existence was so god-like that I could never reach, never ever. After entering senior high school, one day when I was worried about how to find my partners to participate a competition together. I found: hey! He is roaming on the BBS. I got up my courage, and “threw him a water ball” to invite him to be one of my partners. That was the first contact of us. Later, we joined the same club, and started working as a pair teaching algorithm. Hmm, algorithm is a field of computer science. We went into the training camp of Informatics Olympiad, and living in the same dormitory for four weeks. In University, we went to Malaysia together for a Computer Science Competition.
But after we got to each other, I found one other side of Surwdkgo that others may not notice. For example, can you imagine he read a lot of Chinese classical novels and one of his favorites is the book, Dream of Red Chamber? And do you believe that he is really good at art? And can you imagine how terrible he sings? Every time when he is thinking, he will start to sing a song, and that’s the hard time when I’m right beside him.
Beside this interesting side, he is a really great friend. Every time when I have trouble, he will always give me a hand and always supports me. Every time when I was sorrowful and sad, he would always try to soothe me. He is really a friend who I can open up my heart to, and he is a really a friend who I sincerely trust. The best thing he’s taught me is: Even a god has an ordinary side. A talent is also a normal guy who needs friends. They are not really hard to touch than one might originally expect. We can make friends with them easily.
Today I told this story not just because I want to deliver my C3 speech before the end of this semester. The most important thing is he got an admission from MIT lately, and he will leave Taiwan next semester. If I didn’t deliver this speech right now, I will never have a chance to do this. I prepared this speech for him as a gift, and I hope he will realize his dreams in the future. No matter where he is, he is always my best friend. TME

Joyce Liu, IE for John’s C3



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